Saturday, 30 June 2012

Ella Poos

We call Ella Ella Poos. She's such a cuite pie.
Hello Ella Poos!
My take on Ella's expression.
I'm so funny!
See more pictures here.

our own pizza party

Mommy is very happy that we like pizza. I wonder why?

chocolate donut

I like chocolate donut, but not as much as JM!

a slug!

We thought it was a snail and it had lost its shell.  We got quite worried!
Glad mommy and daddy were there to explain everything.

Isabel the artist

I was very busy on my day off. My creative juice just kept flowing!

car wash!

It was good entertainment!  

dragon boat festival

I got a day off but JM had school.She seemed happy to be ok though.

Why couldn't we just play on the grass?

Thursday, 28 June 2012

pizza party!

Pizza party at Alana and Natalie's place.
I decided recently that I love pizza.
We ate and chatted like adults.  Cute.
JM likes pizza now as well.

A short video after dinner.  What a perfect party!

my pre-birthdsy party!

Mommy thought it would be nice to have a pre-birthday celebration with my friends at school before the start of summer holiday, where most of them would be away.
I liked my princess plates and napkins!
My Hello Kitty cake!
I think I made a wish.  It was all happening so quick.
Nice cake!

My friends liked my cake also.
And we all got princess stickers.
It was time to sing the goodbye song.  I had the opportunity to do the frog.
The flower guy outside my school decided to give me a rose.  Mommy also bought some nice lilies from him.

Friday, 22 June 2012

my yearbook

Proudly presenting daddy my yearbook!

father's day

We decided to bake daddy a surprised brownie for Father's Day.  I checked to see if we had all the ingredients.
I am now an expert in greasing pans.
I'm also an egg-beating expert.
JM wanted more eggs.  The box says 2 eggs JM!
She helped as well.
She was a good measure assistant!
I was more of a mixing expert.
More mixing less talking JM!
We had a lot of fun.  We like baking!

To see the finishing product click here.