Saturday, 31 January 2009

my first vacation!

Mommy and daddy took me to Thailand!  I know Auntie Bea wants to see my swimsuit pics so here you go.  

My private sunlounger.  Where is my beer?

I was getting very excited once the swimsuit was on.

I had to practice my kicks first.

Jumping around is almost just as fun as swimming!

Must do some stretches too before I exercise.

Showing off my chu bei.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

more food tasting

It's been an adventurous week for me gastronomically.   As I previously suspected there is more to eat then just milk!  I don't like everything though.  

Here I am feeling a little helpless when sweet potato is on the menu.

I mean I don't mind it but I'm not overly enthusiastic about it either.

On the other hand I LOVE apple!

And look!  I don't even make a mess anymore when I eat off a spoon.

Apple! Yum!

thank you Auntie Linda

Thank you Auntie Linda for my outfit.  Mommy told me it came all the way from Japan.

I noticed there are non-slip bits on the soles.  Thing is I am not even crawling yet.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

my first meal of solids

Now I worked out why they bought me a chair.  

I had been watching mommy eat for the last month or so and I'm glad I finally got to try something other than milk.

Hmmmm..let me see...I think I like rice cereal

I think mommy is giving me too much though.  Stuffed!

Last spoonful please.

Monday, 19 January 2009

like a little princess

A big thank you to Uncle William and Auntie Elsie for picking out my gift.

For my 6-month "birthday" mommy let me try on my outfit.  Don't I look like a little princess?  I need to learn to sit like a lady first though.

I love this dress.  The organza slip dress was an instant hit for me!  Scrunching it together makes that perfect rustling noises I love.  Unfortunately I don't think daddy wanted me to play with my dress.

Instead I was to pose.  How boring.  BTW shoes would be nice.  Mommy calls it the Cinderella look.  I am not sure if I understand...perhaps I'd request that as my bedtime story.


OK I'm so bored here I could use a cigarette.

Stretchy stretchy!

I smiled at last!  Yay!!

my personal diaper bag!

my first time on a high chair

I wonder why my high chair is called Tripp Trapp?  Is it there to trap me? Very suspicious.
BTW thank you Auntie Virginia for giving this this cute pink sweater.

back to normal!

I am so glad that we are back home.  I didn't enjoy my trip to Hong Kong - I don;t understand the need to travel and I'd rather stay home and play with my toys.

Mommy said I need to learn to have my toys on a table.  If you ask me I'd rather have my toys dangled in front of me...I like punching and bashing them.  Mommy said I'm getting too old to be doing that.  Something about hand-eye coordination.  

I suppose I should spend more time examining my toys.

Waaasup mommy?

Biting is always fun.  Where's the horse?

Oh no now I lost the hedgehog too.  Where did they go?

Stop pulling funny faces at me daddy!

I need to look for the hedgehog and horse.

It's hopeless.  I can't see a thing in this stupid chair.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Shangrila to some but hell to me

Our trip to Hong Kong was not as eventful as mommy liked it to be.  I decided that I did not like the hotel room and I took the liberty to scream my head off every time mommy put me down to go to the bathroom etc.

Here I am smiling but don't let that fool you.  I was extremely difficult.

Hair-pulling is always fun though.

The room was generally pretty boring though.  I had to play with fruits.

I will post more pictures when Granddad emails them to me.