Friday, 27 February 2009

it's only music

I'm pretty much OK with my Jumperoo now.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

communication problems

I am getting quite vocal these days. I'm also a little cranky because my mommy and daddy don't get me.

It all started 2 months ago when invented this language. I am using it all the time now. Mommy just doesn't get it and whatever I say to her she smailes at me. One time I was going ba ba boo bo ba ma - translation: I want a gin and tonic. She totally didn't get it.

Another example of my parents getting confused. Here I was telling them I wanted pasta for dinner.

Instead I got daddy clapping right at my face. :-P

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

hide and seek

I think I kind of understand hide and seek these days.  

Well I liked having a blanket on my head anyway.

Daddy got a bit too aggressive.

what the heck happened to my Jumperoo?

OK something weird happened to my Jumperoo.  

Did I just do that?  Better avoid jumping from now on.

Monday, 23 February 2009

the hat which got too small already

Next time I need to remind mommy to check my clothes inventory more often!

play time with daddy

I get so much attention over weekends!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

play time

dressing up for Sunday

couch time

Couch time with daddy.  We were supposed to talk about our day...but the TV was on.


after the accident...

Mommy had to rescue me after I banged my head and there were some tears but I went straight back to sitting.  Still a little freaked out here.

Feeling a little better.  And note the protective barrier behind me.

The smiles were back!

Almost back to my old self...

..then it happened again...well almost.

This time I knew to jerk myself forward to avoid a fall.  I'm a fast learner!  I'd most probably forget about how to do it by tomorrow, much like I forgot how to roll from tummy to back.  

the accident..

Too much posing and laughing and I got carried away a little....I fell backwards and wallop I hit my head on the carpet.  It hurt!

before the accident...

I try practicing my sitting skills whenever I can.  Look!  Multi-tasking!

I'm getting more confident these days.

I love my new-found freedom of being upright.

Posing for mommy.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

I can sit!!!

Today I totally surprised mommy by sitting up on my own.  Look at me!

Mommy totally didn't see it coming. 

I could even pose.  

Showing off my balancing skill.

Now that I can sit reading is so much easier.

my first play date

A room full of babies!  Here's Brooke in the front, Eve, Maria, Isabella, and Aaron.  Why only one boy?

Stretchy stretchy.  Excuse my leg.

Hmm.  Hello Brooke.  I think our mommies wanted us to play.

Shirt-chewing was more fun.  By the way nice hair.

Lai See

Mommy kept waving these red pockets at me...I was getting scared!  What were they?

Perhaps I'd chew one to find out.

Huh?  There's something inside?!

Money!  From what I read money is very important as it can be used to exchange goods and services!

Ahhhh I think daddy was trying to make me hungry for money!  The smell of new notes....when I grow up I will be an accountant!

For now I'd go back to chewing.

Yum yum!