Wednesday, 18 June 2014

picture perfect

At yum-cha with Gong Gong.  Who needs photoshop?

twinkle twinkle graduation

I performed Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to my friends.
Yay!  Graduation!  I am now ready to move on to the second song!
 Thank you Ms. Charliah!

summer holiday!

I went out with mommy for some sushi.
 So many choices!
Then we went to a lunch concert and listened to Beethoven.   Life is good.

early birthday celebration

An early birthday celebration with my friends in school. 
 Loved my Hello Kitty cupcakes.

 With my best friends.

Grass Island

Another visit to Grass Island.  This time we didn't go on the sampan and we had to wait for the ferry.  Lemon puffs break!
Made it on the ferry.
Grass Island.
Ice cream time!

 We were little Dora explorers.
 Ella was adventurous too.

She likes walking independently.
At the top of the hill.
Ferrying back.  We love Grass Island!

a mini concert for Auntie B

Happy Birthday Ella!

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Goodbye Lower Primary Party

A quick group playdoh session before we headed out for my school party.
 Ella likes my school.
 We said goodbye to our building before they knock it down.

We are going to miss this place. It will take at least 3 years for the new campus to complete.
 Activities in the library.

 Goodbye Rainbow Stairs!

Po Po's visit

Po Po came for a visit with a special guest: her teacup poodle Dou Dou. 
We love him! He's so cute!
 We had a big beading party.
I made Po Po a necklace.
 Ella's first watch.
 Ella loves Dou Dou too.

Piggyback time!

 We completely knackered Dou Dou out.

 Dou Dou is just ever so cuddly!