Friday, 28 September 2012

a grand day out

It started off with a ferry ride.
 We love love love ferries!
We found a nice sunny beach on Cheung Chau.
 Our new trick on hiding our feet.

 The best part of the day: a sampan trip to Lamma Island!
 Surprisingly JM didn't get sea sick.
 We love the sea!

Monday, 24 September 2012

my gift to mommy and daddy

I made it at school. Mommy was very happy.

outdoor pool

Our building has an outdoor pool. It's nice to be able to play in the sun.
I was pushing Ella aka Blur Blur along but she wasn't too impressed.
I am such a water baby these days.

Hong Kong!

We hardly had any sleep the first night in Hong Kong but we were full of beans again the next day.
Lunch down the road with mommy, auntie B and her boy friend was fun.
It was a bit hot and sticky but it was nice to be outside.
I was a socia butterfly as usual.
We shared stickers with auntie B too.
The drive home was less than 5 minutes but we totally passed out!

our journey back

We found a sushi place at Heathrow.  We love cucumber rolls and edamame!
They had these special tongs/chopsticks and we were very good at using them.
I could pick things up!
We were almost landing.  We looked incredibly refreshed after our red-eye.
JM seemed a little tired but all-in-all we were in good spirits.

3 sleeping beauties

En route to airport.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

at the fair

I was good at rodeo!

And look I now look the country-girl part.

Widecombe fair

Didn't we look scary at the fair?


We got to go on the ever-so-cool sea tractor in Bigbury!  
 There we crossed to go to the island off shore.
 We trekked up the hill.
 At the very top.
 We mad a huge and interesting discovery.
 Look, a snail!  JM was too chicken to touch it.
 We liked the sea tractor but the tide was going out anyway.
 It was fun to walk across.
 We did a little rock pooling also.
 I chatted up some guy with a metal detector.  He didn't share his treasure with me though.

we love Bristol Zoo!

Friday, 7 September 2012

a fine day out on the beach

JM on her sand couch mommy made.
 Meanwhile daddy and I found loads of creatures at the rock pool.

 Beach huts are so cute.
 I showed mommy a cave I found.