Tuesday, 24 September 2013

my first sleepover!

TV after our cycling expedition.  Then I joined Gong Gong's dinner party with his friends.
 Soon it was bedtime.  I was excited as it was my very first sleepover.
I loved my big-girl's bed.
 TV at breakfast!  I can get used to that.
Perhaps I didn't sleep too well.
I felt a bit better after breakfast.  Time to go to the playground but first it's photo time!

I made a couple of new friends at the playground.

 Did I get more TV here again?  Mustn't tell mommy.
Time to head home.  I love sleepover and I want to do it again!  I hope Jessica will come with me next time.

a day with Gong Gong

I got to go to Gong Gong's place all on my own!  He took me cycling.  I think I do need a bit more practices with my skills.  Gong Gong was very patient even though I stopped paddling every 5 meters.
It was more fun to have a sit down and an ice cream break.
It was a great afternoon.  What typhoon?

USS Bonhomme Richard

After our curry lunch we decided to check out the aircraft carrier in the harbour.  It's not as big as we thought it would be but it's still pretty cool.

 Poor Ella got left out!
 She was not too impressed.  It was pretty hot and sticky because of typhoon Usagi.
 We loved Star Ferry.  It's always fun to do ferry rides.

 Ella was still sulking.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

curry lunch

At my favourite restaurant Bombay Dreams.  I dressed up for the occasion too.
 It was Ella's first visit.  She enjoyed being out with us.

 Ella likes papadums!
 Jm too.
 It was a great lunch!

happy mid-autumn festival!

We dug out our lanterns and we were off to the beach!
 Daddy joined us too.
 The beach was very busy. All the kids on our street were on the beach, it was a great party!
 The glow stick tree.

picture time

Ella was feeling a lot better and mommy tried to take some pictures with all 3 of us.



She gave up!

poor Ella

Ella got really poorly and wheezy all of a sudden.  For once she sat quietly and watched TV with us.





happy birthday Auntie B!

A belated birthday cake for Auntie B, Thanks to Auntie W.
 Happy Birthday Auntie B!
 We love strawberries.
 Make a wish Auntie B.

 I think Ella wanted that cake badly.
 Yum yum!
 Thank you Auntie W for the visit and the cake.  Please come to see us again!