Wednesday, 29 July 2015

clip and climb

At last we got to go to the climbing centre!  Couldn't wait!

 This one was quite slippery.

 Stairway to Heaven.  It was scary.

Spot me!

We went to the Quay to have dinner.  It was a glorious evening.


We spent the morning on Grandpa's boat and we were still full of energy .  Luckily there is a park nearby.
Then we found the splash pool.  Forget about playground!
We had so much fun.  See more pictures here.
Of course it ended in tears at one point.
Jessica recovered very quickly though.  It was a good way to burn off some energy!

dinner time

The ducks and Lucy Goose now come right up to the backdoor to look food now!  

Grandpa's boat

We got to go to Grandpa's boat again!  Mommy told us we had been on it once before but we did not remembered any of it.  It's more exciting this way! 

This time around we were way more mobile!  Sitting still didn't work for us!

Finally we got to Cox's Lock.  We didn't do the lock this time.
We took a short walk to Mill Pond to feed the ducks (would we ever get bored of feeding ducks?).
Home for lunch and a moment to chill out.
A cool cat!

Uncle Alan and Auntie Anne

Uncle and Auntie Anne came to visit us at Grandma's!  And she got us some fabulous sunglasses!
We had breakfast by the canal.

We read, for quite a long while actually.

 We chilled.

 Uncle Alan looked like he should have been in Havana or somewhere like that with that hat.
 I found my favourite tree to climb.
Meanwhile Ella continued to chill.
 Weather was epic.
The neighbourhood swans came to say hello.

And Mommy played them the violin.
It was a lovely day!

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

my birthday

I am having my party with Daddy this year at the end of the month, so on my actual birthday we were just having a little celebration.  Started off with picnic in the park.
Then to the Byfleet Parish Fair.  We loved the farm animal displays!
The miniature donkeys were so cute.
Perfect size for Ella!
Ice cream break.  We love fairs!

And of course there were some pretty cool bouncy castles!

I think I was a little scared?!
The best part:  Grandma made me a cake!

The perfect birthday!