Friday, 21 November 2014

yum cha with Gong Gong

And Auntie B.  We had 2 days off because of teacher-parents conferences.  

 Ella is such a ham.

girls night out

Korean BBQ with my friend Josie.  Loved it!

Sunday feast

Another Sunday, another feast at Ding Tai Fung.

Girl Scout bake sale

It was a busy weekend after our camping trip.  I came down with a fever the very same afternoon we got home but I managed to sleep it off and I was all ready to go to our first bake sale the next day.  
 We had a variety of goods such as popcorn, brownies, trail mix, fruit, and of course cookies.
 Jessica actually looked the part with Sophie's vest.
 Ella ate non-stop.
As did Jessica and Alison.  We raised over $2000 HK but a lot of the sale came from siblings.

my first Girl Scout camp

My first Girl Scout camping trip!  Originally Daddy signed up to come with me but he had to go to NYC .  Mommy came with me instead.
We travelled to the camp site directly from school on a Friday afternoon.  We were all very excited.
 The bus journey was a little anti-climatic but our spirits were up again as soon as we got on the ferry.
 It was a half an hour ride to get the our camp site in Sai Kung.

Then it was a short trek from the pier..
 Yay!!! We found the campsite!  And it pretty much signalled the end of the dry weather for the next 18 hours of our trip.
As soon as we settled in to our tent it had begun to rain.  We had to eat our dinner in our own tent.  It was quite cosy though.
 We had s'more for dessert.  It was worth braving the rain!
We had fun with our flashlights of course.
Time to do our bedtime routine.  There is actually a washroom and a sheltered spot for washing up, but it was overtaken by the clever cows.
Time for bed.  Nite nite!
It rained all night.  Our tent was soaked to the touch but luckily it didn't flood (a number of my friends were less fortunate). We stayed reasonably dry except for a few spots when we sat on small puddles inside the tent.
Breakfast at Isa's luxurious tent completed with air mattress.
We were still in reasonable good spirits but the rain kept going and going.
Back to our tent to sit out the rain.
Our first activity for the day: the Amazing Race.  I got soaked.
 We were beginning to feel cold and damp, but we put our brave faces on for the flag ceremony.

The rain didn't want to stop, and we used up all our dry clothes and a number of us decided to head home early.
Actually quite a few people took the escape ferry with us.  It was almost noon when we got off the ferry and found ourselves again in the rain waiting for the bus.
At long last!  We were one step closer to getting in a warm bath.  The rest of the camp all packed up an hour after we left anyway.  We didn't miss much.  I can't wait till my next camp next year!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

my first piece of sashimi

I tried ika (squid).  It was ok.......not in a hurry to have more.  I'm quite proud of myself though!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Kam Tin Country Club

We were meeting Jacey for the day at Yuen Long.  The "country club" is more like an open space with BBQ pits, big lawns, and bouncy castles.  What more could we ask?  We immediately found some shrinking grass to entertain ourselves at the parking lot.
 Yay bouncy castle!

 We were a bit more active on the bouncy castle compared to Ella and Jacey.
Picnic time!
 Pole climbing was fun too.

 Our favourite bubbles.
There were bumpy cars!  Mommy and daddy thought they were a bit lame but we really enjoyed the rides.
 How many can you fit on a bumpy car?
 Auntie Joy and Ella.
 I would like the cars to go a bit faster.
 Ella was a bit of a liability on the bike.
 We are starting a photo collection of JM with Wotsits or Quaver.