Sunday, 29 May 2011


It was almost a week before daddy got back from his travel.
I couldn't get my hands off him.
Group hug!


Time for a time-out.
Had enough.
Second wind!
Down again.

sweet peas


It's good our hotel is right next to a park. And the playground is huge!
Testing my balance skill.
Higher please!
Even higher, please!
That's more like it!
Showing off my climbing skill.
I think I was happy! :-)
My favourite monkey bar.
Having another go.
I think gong gong said his arms were sore the next day.

hugs and kisses

Hugs. I love gong gong very much.

Jessica was very happy too.

sharing a stroller?

I think it was mommy's ploy to see if JM and I could share a stroller.
I was pretty happy with the arrangement.
But I think JM wanted her own seat. Oh well.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

thank you auntie 8

Auntie 8 was spoiling me with gifts again.
Wow! My very own Hello Kitty bag completed with accessories!
How do I look?
Thank you auntie 8!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

yum cha

My favourite har gau! And thank you auntie 8 for looking after me!
I got a bit too tired and distracted to hold a conversation with auntie Alice.
I might feel better if i bury my head on mommy.