Wednesday, 31 March 2010

my favourite dim sum

Waiting patiently for my favourite dim sum: ha gau!
I actually look docile a little lamb. Only if you know the real me. Whaaaahaaahaaa!
BTW I decided yellow would go with pink, not mommy.

I'm a Barbie Girl

Hmm...there's a hole.....what's going on here?
Still confused. Oh well.
Lost in a sea of many distractions.
Wow. Dinner time for Barbie too.

showing off my pearly whites

Sunday, 28 March 2010


Thank you mommy for getting me my favourite Haahoos.

school with Abidi

Right in the center, as usual.
Arts and craft with Abidi.
I'm slowly warming up with the idea of washing my hands.
Cuddle time!
Mommy stealing a hug.
Dance time!
Outdoor play.

More music and dance time, my favourite.

head scarf

Very Hollywood, don't you think?



My sister Jessica's first swim. To see her in action check out her blog here.

Isabel the superstar

I don't go anywhere without my shades now.

zoo with bff

A grand day at the zoo with my bff Brooke.
Aren't we cool with our shades?
Not too impressed with the elephant ride.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

passport pictures

A slightly better shot.
outh open. D'oh!!
I think mommy ended up using this one.
Cute but no good for passport!

my bff

Sharing toys with my bff Eve.
This is how you push it.
Kissy kiss.
I love Eve.

Friday, 19 March 2010


Look! I put my sunglasses on all by myself!
Panda's butt. Funny.
Snack time for everybody.
A sad little bear.
I didn't like this tapir. He was after my apple!