Sunday, 13 December 2015

Christmas lunch

Ready to party!
Hanging with out best friends.
Laura hogged the adult's table.
Our table.  Loved Imogen's hair!
JM looking elegant.

We had a ton of fun playing and hanging out.

We went to the LRC for carols after and ran into Santa.  A perfect day!

Santa's Little Helpers

Feeling festive. Mega cute!

star of the month!

I was Star of the Month for my effort on my mini concert at Book One Graduation.

 It was Samantha's last day and we had to say goodbye.
 She brought us a cake to share and Jessica was invited to blow the candles as it was her birthday.

Book 2!

To celebrate we had a curry dinner.  Poppadoms and tikka!  We can eat those everyday.


Our first Clockenflap festival experience.  Chilling at the cider garden.
Learning to DJ at silent disco.
We had potentials!
Some interesting contraptions at the kids zone.

We lined up forever to get our cotton candy but it was worth it!

With my BFF Imogen and her bro Ethan.

Full of energy after our cotton candy.
Dinner with live music on stage.  So chic.
Auntie B and Matt were there too.

Silent disco and me being a badass kicking over the speakers.  :-)
So rad!
We got picked up by Ms Pura and went home early.  Mommy and Daddy stayed to see New Order.  Hopefully we get to stay later next year!

mommy's car collection

We love mommy's car collection.

Thanksgiving holiday

And we decided to go skating.  We had the best time! They even had snow machines raked up and it snowed every 30 minutes!

making a statement!

Not quite as cool as I was but not bad.

library mom

Mommy was library mom for the day. Yay!

more knitting

Staying concentrate!

busy Sunday

We had our swimming lessons, followed by our favourite restaurant Ding Tai Fung.
The Sophie and I went to the yarn bombing/finger knitting tutorial.
Knitting at home.