Thursday, 29 September 2011

our first pinatas

At Charlie's birthday party.

Charlie's sister was getting us ready for the party.

My first ever pinatas.  Loved it!

Jessica's go.

It's raining sweeties!  JM was totally confused.  I grabbed two and showed off to daddy.

We were allowed to have more!  I couldn't believe it.


Birthday girl Charlie.  Sorry too busy eating my lolli.

No time to talk.  

Did you say it's cake time? What about our sweeties? 

all ready for some water play!

Anais was looking like a proper Australian. 

JM looks like a little girl now.

Helping JM to cool down.

Why was I upset?  I don't even remember.

finally worked out I'm tall enough to stay in the water without a ring.

It's a great feeling!  I like being a big girl.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

another fine day on the beach

two cool cats

our favourite meal

Fish fingers and fries in our new fish-shape dish.  More please.

dinner date

A super busy day for me: beach, modeling, and dinner with Miss Lou, Phil and Anais!

Say cheese.  Pay attention daddy.

Oops I was distracted!


Cuddle time.  Where was I?

We were still full of energy when we got home.

Oh yeah it's always play time.

Monday, 19 September 2011

my modeling shoot

Mommy said I had done some modeling before but I forgot all about it, so this was all new to me.

I had to wear full makeup - foundation and eye shadow and all!  Mommy told me children don't wear makeup and that I look very pretty without it but I couldn't help but to feel very special.

The first outfit I modeled.  And a bit of gloss.

My first curling iron experience.  Fascinating to say the least!

Oh my!  Look at my hair!

I'm not sure why they wanted to give me an up-do.  I thought I look nice with long curls.  Mommy said as a professional model I should just go with what the stylist says.

Ready to rock!

Some final touch ups.

I think I needed a little warm up.  I seemed a bit stiff here but they liked my smile.

Hmmm I think this is a bit short.

More hair touch-ups.

I lost track on how many outfits I tried on.

My dance move.  Slowly getting into the groove here.

More posing.

My changing assistant.

a Sunday adventure

Now that we live by the river we get to go on boat!
 The river-crossing ferry shuttle.
 Fir 2-kuai a person it was very good entertainment.
 Excited about the ride.
 And what a nice surprise!  We found a "beach" on the other side of the river.
 It was heaven: sunny with a nice river breeze.
 Chillaxing with daddy.
 Kids can never get bored of sand and water.
 Chilling with JM.
 Taking in the view.