Tuesday, 18 February 2014


The temperature suddenly dropped from beach to polar! Brrrrrrrrrrrr.

Auntie B

We went to pay Auntie B's place for a visit after lunch with Gong Gong,  She was happy to take a break from studying.
We love her couch.
 PPTV!  We watched a Barbie movie. followed by Ninjago.

lunch with Gong Gong

We love CNY holiday.  It was nice to be able to go places and meet friends and family.

 And I and so much to talk about.  I was telling him all about my tooth.


It was a day full of actions. We went to meet daddy for coffee after our playdate and lunch with Jacey.
 Nice juice.
 And nice pastry.
 We all sat like little lambs.
 Then Ella got tired and fussy and got put in her stroller.  Not bad for her first Starbucks experience.

indoor playhouse

We found an indoor playground after lunch with Jacey.
 We were happy to find a spinning coconut, just like the ones in Shanghai.
Jacey tried to yank Ella out of the car.
 Ella had a lot of fun too.
 They loved the ball pit.
 Drag racing!

playdate at Jacey's

We love Jacey's playroom.
 Three little pianists.
 Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes!
 We love Jacey's toys too.  She has so many!

 Early lunch at Crystal Jade.
 We ate like two truckers!  Love Crystal Jade.

Daddy story

Ella now joins us occasionally too for stories.  So cute!

new tooth

Not so fast!  It's just a tooth eraser mommy bought us to celebrate my loss.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Tooth Fairy

OMG OMG OMG the Tooth Fairy left me some gold coins next to my pillow!!!
 Jessica was thrilled.  We didn't hear a thing last night. It's magic!
 I got twenty dollars too.
I went out to the dining room to see if my tooth was still there and I found fairy dust!!!  I had to run to tell Jessica!
 Fairy dust!!
 I can't believe she left me fairy dust!

my tooth

I spent the whole week pushing my wiggly tooth.
 And it came out finally!  Yay!!
 I can now join my friends and share my tooth stories.

Lantau Peak

Mommy and Daddy were planning a proper hike for the day and I asked to join.  I was all ready to take on the challenge.  
 We took the ferry to Mui Wo and hopped on a bus to Po Lin Monastery.
 The place was pretty busy already.  The Giant Buddha seemed cool but we had no time to hang around.
 We found the trail and started our ascent.
 Almost half way up, it was time to dig into my emergency crisps supply.
Water break.  Still in good spirit.
The original plan was to go down Dog Tooth Ridge but with very low visibility and strong wind we decided to stay on the main trail.
 The final climb to the peak.
 We made it!
 I guess it's always windy at the top.
 We had to take the train back as the bus back to Mui Wo was full.  I was still full of beans!