Thursday, 28 November 2013

another Saturday

We took our bikes out but the park was shut.  Oh well early lunch would do us.
We found our way back to Coombe Park again.  We love that place!

Home again mid-afternoon and Ella was happy to see us.
I always like a good story.

Ella and Jessica never pay enough attention!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Dragon's Back

A quick afternoon walk at Dragon's Back.  We were all very inspired by the paragliders at the top.

teacher-parent conference, day 2

My second day off.  Another social appointment.
 We met Gong Gong for lunch!

 Showing off my new tattoo.
 It was a great sunny day.  And mommy wanted me to show my tattoo again.
 Here we go!

teacher-parent conference

We all got 2 days off because of the teacher-parent conference.  Yoohoo!  I met up with some of my friends for a skate and lunch date.
It was a great day!  Too bad Elliott had to leave early.


I was one of the monkey army.  Next to me is Ravana.

a lazy Sunday morning

We spotted a rainbow pavement while we walked our bacon off after another pig-out session at the Hyatt.  
 It was our first visit to the Golden Bauhinia Square.  You wouldn't believe the wind!

 We ended up on the Peak after our stroll.
It was not crowded because of the slightly wet weather.

 I showed daddy the walk I did with my class.  Ella was a slow coach!
 We found another playground on our way back.  Ella was a bit unsure with my crazy rocking.
 I think she liked it at the end.
 A break with daddy.

We even went to the Police Museum.  It turned out to be a busy day after all.

Monday, 11 November 2013

my solar system

We now got a glow-in-the-dark solar system dangling off our ceiling.  How exciting is that?

Christmas is almost here

Hong Kong Park

We had a short stroll in HK Park after lunch with Auntie B, Gong Gong and Yee Po.

 Everybody was in a cheery mood.
It was a bonus that we found the playground.  Ella and JM loved the swings but I thought they are too babyish.  See more pictures here.

I enjoyed something a little more adventurous.

daddy's cushions

Two giggling cushions too.

Po Po's visit

And we had a great princess fest.
We love our princesses.  Thank you Po Po!

 It was almost bedtime but we were still going strong.
 Ella was going a little crazy though.