Tuesday, 29 April 2014


We had a quick walking tour in Columbo hosted by the fab Mr. Mark Forbes.  He showed us some interesting sights around the old part of town.  We wish we had longer in Columbo.

Here at the Old Town Hall "museum" we saw some great steam trucks and old machineries.  
 The cart was very light to lift to my surprise.

 The elegant interior of the Old Town Hall.

There were some awesome antiques and pictures here and there. The place seems to be left to rot away slowly somehow.  Sad to see.

A glance below from the town hall.
Next we got to check out the fruit and veg market.  It was fun and colourful!

 Dried fish is a main staple in Sri Lanka.
 Fresh curry leaves.
 Ella's favourite.  Now thats' what I call bunches of banana!
 More dried fish.  The smell was a bit string but when cooked in curries and sambals they are super yummy.
A rare find - a quiet street in Colombo!
They call these "sweet shops" but they sell samosas and these yummy rolls with chopped eggs inside.  Glad mommy brought lollies with her to give to us.

A pimped out bus.  Groovy!

good morning Sri Lanka

We got to Columbo way after midnight but luckily our hotel was very close.  We had a very good night's rest and were happy to go again.
Breakfast was awesome.  We all got to order what we like.  
Mommy's first Sri Lankan meal egg hoppers with curry.  There were many more to come as she loved it!
 A quick play in the lovely garden.

 It's a very pretty and tranquil hotel.  Too and we only had one night there.

Sri Lanka we were so ready!

It was almost Easter after all and Cathay was handing out Easter cookies.  Yum!

 Ready to board!

We love to fly these day because we get to watch lots of TV.  We watched Frozen and we had a quick stopover in Singapore.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

seaweed party

Auntie B came for a visit after her small surgery.  Get well soon Auntie B!
 Yum. We all love seaweed.

Ella is a seaweed monster!

Elliott's birthday party

It was my first bowling party.  I love to bowl!
We were getting quite serious.
Yay!  Nine pins down!!

 Jessica was good support to the team.
 Finally Jessica had a go as well. Not sure if she liked bowling.
Cake time with Amber, Jessica's classmate, who happens to be Elliott's sister.
Great cake.
 Happy birthday Elliott!