Friday, 22 April 2011

little lady

Modelling my new coat. I hope it will still fit next winter, or it will become JM's coat.
Channeling the Onassis look.
I can shake hands of my supporters and still smile at the camera!
I think I need some heels to complete the look. No?

a grand afternoon out

With my BFF Eve.
Shall we go higher?
Look at our smiles!


Showing JM to the car.
At Cedric's.
I found the cookie table!
JM got a laptop.
Thank you auntie Dominica for hosting. See you soon!

Easter parade

Happy Easter!
Cute in our bunny bonnets.
Mommy and her insane bonnet.
The parade.

Ranice and I got lost in the sea of bonnets and eggs. It was a nice feeling.

I lent daddy my bonnet.
Daddy may I have a cuddle? Who would refuse me? I mean really?
The prize-winning bonnets.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Perhaps I have to stop creeping out of my cot to play at night. Sleep deprivation is catching up on me.


The park was really nice early in the morning.
We had the whole lake to ourselves.
Gruffalo spotting.
JM joined me too, but we didn't find anything.
Somehow I managed to milk quite a few balloons from a group of strangers next to us.
We concluded our park visit at my favourite amusement area.
I tried out a new ride. Daddy told me it was going to be very scary.
See me in action:


We got a surprise trip to the aquarium after JM's doctor's appointment. Look at the size of that alligator mommy!
JM was impressed too clearly.
Igglepiggle got a good look at the sea creatures too.
Why was there a polar bear at the aquarium?

Monday, 18 April 2011

it always ends in tears


my anti-gravity moves

drama queen

Introducing the new drama queen.
Whoa. JM sure can ham it up.
A hug to JM from the original drama queen.
Here's a kiss. It's OK...

Friday, 15 April 2011

dinner party

Look at us! Little cutie pies!
Group hug!
More group hugs!

baby Ian