Saturday, 27 June 2009

bowl cut?

Do I have a bowl cut?

last day of school

I liked my play class. My teacher Sarah liked me too.
I'm not sure how Charles managed to sleep in the middle of it all.
I had to get close to the action and got right in the middle.
Deep down I'm shy at heart.
My other teacher Priscilla with Collin. He freaked me out!
We had a puppet show that day.
And of course I had to go right to the front.
Meeting the puppets.
Whoa! Get that duck off me!
I'd like to take things slowly.
Snack time.
Getting bold and stealing from my friend.
I wanted my certificate now!
I like how we were allowed to run around.
And my favourite part: bubbles!

my art project

I do the lips when I concentrate, just like daddy.
I needed to think of my next move. Or should I just put the bits of paper in my mouth?
More work while my creative juice was going!

Fall collection preview

My dress is still a little too long for the time being.
And I need to learn to stand like a lady.

Thursday, 25 June 2009


Trapped in the playpen with my friends.
I didn't care where I was as long as I got to chew on something.
Eve: "Chewing is fun."
Parallel play.

How many of us were there? And where were our mommies?
Ha I got a chance to make outside contact. Maybe the person would come rescue me.
Nope. Back to chewing then. Marcus! Stop whining.
Brooke showing off her chu beis.
My new skirt.
Sharing with Brooke.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Father's Day lunch

Play time after our lunch at the pub - finally we got to stretch our legs. And we couldn't believe our luck when we were allowed on the pool table!
A water bottle was just as much fun as pool for us.
Ha we were too fast for the shutter.
Eve practiced her throw.
I want to have a go!
Boooo mommy said no fighting so I got given my Cheerio container.
No fight, no interaction.
Having a bit of down time with daddy.
A daddy's girl.
Take note of my chu beis.

Sunday, 21 June 2009


Eve: "Hi Isabel, meet my boyfriend Tomas."
Eve: "Tomas! Stop the roving eye...we've only been out for a few weeks."
Tomas: "Sorry darling. My bad."
Isabel: "Hmmm....couple life. I wonder if I want to get into one?"
Tomas: "If you kiss me I'll give you my maracas."
Eve: "It's great! And you don't have to worry about manners!"
Isabel: "Hmmm I think I am having more fun with my tiger."
Eve: "Well when I'm done with him perhaps you may consider him."
Isabel: "We'll see. Let's go play outside!"
A slide!
Come on in, Eve!
Hi mommy!
Alright let's get out of here.