Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Sunday brunch

Our very first Sunday brunch.  I think Ella took her food most seriously!
 She had fun with Ms. Pura after.
We on the other hand totally got sucked in by our iPads. We normally don't get to play with it you see.
I can see why mommy doesn't allow us to go near one.  It is pretty anti-social!

 Finally we began to interact.
 We celebrated Eve's daddy's birthday as well.
 Daddy gave us a yoyo lesson.
The under-table party,

Group hug!  It was a fab day!

princess mania!

my gingerbread house

My very first gingerbread house!  Not much compared to Daddy's but it's a start!
 I think Ella wanted it.
 Jessica got her eyes on it too.  I am very good at sharing!

Friday, 13 December 2013

post-concert dinner

Dinner together after Hi5!  Yay!
We were still in party mode.
Pizza!  Yum!
All the singing and dancing made us hungry!
Group hug!

Group hug is contagious.
We had so much to talk about.

We share dessert.  It was insane!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


We had to trek into the jungle of Mongkok for our Hi5 concert.  The MTR ride was great fun!
On our way up to the venue.  We were so excited!
 Imogen is also a Hi5 fan.  And so is mommy now!
Five in the air let's do it together.  Hi5!

 We loved all the jokes.
 Doing the limbo.

Grass Island

Mommy looked at a map and thought Grass Island would be an interesting place to visit.  It was a long drive to the pier and we were all very excited.  
 It was a very short ferry ride.
We walked through the main village.  We were too impressed with the smell of cured fish.
We found some cool rocks on the trail.
Lovely view.  Too bad Ella wasn't with us.
We trekked down to the shore to check out some rocks.
 The Balanced Rock.
 They weren't shy certainly.

An ice cream at the pier while we waited for the returning ferry.  It's the great way to wrap up the trip.