Wednesday, 31 December 2014

our spaceship

Hiding in our spaceship.  And moony you are not allowed in here!

family time

story time

Boxing day story time.  We were so cuddly.

Christmas lunch

We had some yummy ducks.  And our favourite was pigs in blankets.

Christmas morning

Santa came!!!

Christmas Eve

All ready for Santa and his reindeers.

Isabel Hair Salon

 The salon audience loved my creation.


Just hanging.

3 peacocks

gingerbread house

I helped out with the gingerbread baking.
It's all coming together.


our wreath

Isabel the Wreath Designer

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Isabel the Duck

A walk in the woods. On our way we met some of the new ducks.
There's Isabel the Runner Duck.  She's quite cute, just like me.  There's also a Jessica
 Up at Patrick's we saw some friendly cows.

And we got sheep in one of our fields too.  Cute.

peacock costumes

Thank you Sue for making us peacock costumes!  It's a dream come true!
They are way too cute!

 I set out to stalk the peacocks.  The older ones seemed undeterred.
 The younger ones suddenly felt the extra competition perhaps?
Perched on a tree, sorry my slide, just like a real peacock.
We are having so much fun with these.  Thank you Sue!

bye Hong Kong!

Refuelling at the airport before we got on our flight.
Ella was not happy...we found out it was her dirty nappy.
We discovered wonton noodles.  We loved the noodles but didn't try the wontons.  So wrong!
Ella in a happier mode with a donut and after her nappy change.
On the plane.  Excited!

I must have talked to the poor lady next to me non-stop for about 2 hours.
Made it to London finally.  We were perfect on the flight.  Another nap was always nice in the car.
 A bit tired but in good spirits.