Monday, 31 May 2010


Auntie Christina found us a new playground and Brooke and I got to try it first.
My favourite horse ride.
And I loved the shark swing.
Car pooling with Brooke. She's got TV in her car!


Another day out with my friend Eve. We have yet to learn to play ball.

I wasn't picking my nose. I was just first time flying on bees!

Sunday, 30 May 2010


Thank you Brooke for my crocs. I LOVE them and they go really well with my outfit. My favourite color is hot pink if you haven't noticed.

back to SH

We slept all day when we got back and I was fresh as a daisy the next day and ready for action.
I was getting excited to see my BFF.
Here she is! Hi Eve!
Sharing toys.

BIG cuddle.
My new dance move.
Rehearsing my favourite activity in about 12 years time.


Wow I look beat before we even got on the plane!
I like my vegetables though.
Demonstrating the Phillip's slouch here. You can tell we are related eh.

grandma and grandpa

We made it back to grandma and grandpa's place after a very long drive. Friday afternoon traffic was truly notorious.
It was a hot and sunny day..thank you grandma for my hat.
I got to meet daddy's pet Thomas at last. He must have been at least 40 years old?
Smelling the flowers.
Hello uncle Alan.
Bye bye. I need to run around nonstop.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

last day

Our last day at the house. At least some of our furniture arrived before our departure.
I didn't want to say goodbye to the pond and all the tadpoles.
One final check on my daisies.
I was hoping to find Gruffalo in the deep dark woods.
Sun tan anyone?
There would be no dandelions in Shanghai.

Bye bye tree.

taking a rest

Sitting back after a long day at the county show.

Devon County Show

It was our first ever Devon County Show and man was I excited! I think I had a crush on the BMX dude.
Is this the same owl from Gruffalo? Soft feather!
Hello owl!
Fluffy alpacas. Daddy said we can have a few in our garden. Yay!!
Now that's what I call BIG!
Sheep shearing. I don't get it.
A pit bull sheep?
Sheep competition.
My favourite one.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Mommy mommy can I rip that lemon off the tree?
Mommy mommy can I rip that lemon off the tree?
Mommy mommy can I rip that lemon off the tree?
Mommy mommy can I rip that lemon off the tree?


Otter says psssst. To see our visit to the otter sanctuary click here.

Monday, 24 May 2010


Finally I got to see dandelions...and lots of them.
How did I get a mouthful of dandelions? Blow Isabel.

Upsy Daisy.
They are itchy mommy!