Thursday, 29 March 2012


On our way to get in to Disney. I like my idea of posing!
Big smiles so Gong Gong could have some fun with his D700.

Actually let's get in!   I'd use mommy's crossed-expression #1 here to show my disapproval.

mommy and I

I think we look alike don't you? BTW the new ipad camera is not that impressive when there's not enough light.

dinner with Auntie B

I used my fingers as I have zero chopstick skills.  Something to work on over spring break I guess.
Auntie B had to work late but she finally showed up!
You can have 1 sticker Auntie B.
Here you go.  Sticker is serious business for us at the moment.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

our first day in Hong Kong

We managed to squeeze in a little play time at Gong Gong's playground before our dinner.  First we had to socialize with some neighbours.  How did this lady even know about us?  I think Norma made us pretty famous on Gong Gong's street.
We found the playground!
I wonder why it was deserted on a weekday at 5pm?  Mommy said kids in HK are very busy with their extracurricular activities.

There was even an indoor playground there! 

Hong Kong

Hello Gong Gong!  We made it to Hong Kong - all four of us: me, JM, Alex and Upsy Daisy.
The weather was warm and sunny.  A nice change from wet and rainy Shanghai.

Bon Voyage

All hyped and happy for our trip to Hong Kong.

Stretching out on board.

Jm kept herself busy too.

thank you Julie

Thank you auntie Julie for bringing our presents all the way from the US of A.
Look!  A giant cookie coated with marshmallow!
Can you open it for me please?
How do I look with my headband?  I love the 80s!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

little scooter experts

A break from my intense-scooter maneuvres. 
The Bund wasn't that interesting.  Let's get going!
I dragged my butt to Element Fresh even though I was beat.  Pancake was a good motivation!

bookweek parade

Mommy's favourite (other than me of course) was the Gingerbread Man.
We made our grand entrance.  My best friend Natalie dressed as a princess.  I wanted to be a princess too (as many of the girls were dressing up as), but mommy told me princesses are not book characters.  I thought Rapunzel came from a book?
This would have been a perfect picture but some dingbat decided to come into the parade area and blocked mommy's view.  She was not happy!
My favourite Mr. Bump!
I liked Spongebob too but it's cheating a little for bookweek?
See if you can spot me.

little red riding hood