Wednesday, 28 May 2014

junk trip

Thank you Uncle Jens for inviting us to your birthday boat trip.
 On water taxi to get to the boat.
 A cool cat.
 Hanging out.
 Auntie Virginia was Ella's best friend that day as she supplied her a steady supply of crisps.
Daddy and Uncle Jens.
 JM and I had a crisp feast as well.
Happy Birthday Uncle Jens!
Ella liked cupcakes.
 She liked crisps more!
Ketchup chips!  Yummmmmm!

 A quick swim before lunch.
 We played Zingo again.  JM loves the game.
 Ticklish JM.
 Hanging out.

 Who needs toys when you can have the lid of a water bottle.

 It was a perfect day (especially after a month of rain)!


Jessica couldn't wait for the BBQ to start.
 Finally!  We were all very excited.
How many kids did it take to light a fire?
 Thank you Uncle Ringo for taking some cool pictures of me.
 On our way home.  Knackered!

at Gong Gong's pool

A change of scenery and we went to Gong Gong's house to play.  We got to use his pool for the first time.  It's great!  So much space and so little people!
 There's a big shallow pool for JM and Ella.  See more pictures of Ella here.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Hong Kong skyline

Another Hong Kong skyline done by me.

school concert

It was a concert to our family from all R2 students.  We performed 10+ songs.  We were all very cute.
 Hugs for my friends!
Click to see one of the performances here:

Sri Lankan curries

Mommy and Daddy decided to cook some Sri Lankan curries and we started from scratch. 
I helped but the clamp wouldn't stay in place very well.  The dishes apparently did not turn out right and they will try again soon.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

ballet performance

It's my second big ballet performance at the Academy of Arts!  Last year I did Dolly Dance and this year we were Siamese Cats.  I was equally excited over the make up that I got to wear.  I even had mascara on.  Mommy almost cried when she took a good look at me in the lift because I looked all grown up.  
 I got to the Academy early to do a dress rehearsal.
Ella came to the show this year too and she enjoyed all of the performances.  She even got up and stood on her chair to dance at one point.
Post-show.  Jessica gave me the biggest hug. She told me I was very pretty in my costume.  She is so sweet.
 My friend Imogen was also performing.  Love her costume too!
 Ella enjoyed hanging out with the big girls.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Ella's violin practice!

Ella now practices the violin with us every time we have a session.  She takes it rather seriously!

an afternoon swim

We managed to go for a swim AFTER my 17km hike!
 Ella had a quick dip and was out.
JM enjoyed the swim.
Playing with Chloe here.  Where did I find all that energy?