Wednesday, 28 January 2015

a snail and a whale

Our favourite book in a show, with our BFFs.  It was a great Saturday afternoon.

 After the show we had cake and tea at a place nearby.
We kept busy most of the time reading and drawing.  Girls rule!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

fun fair

We went to the fair and it was a lot more fun then we had expected!
We chose our rides wisely as we had not many tokens.
Ice skating was the best value as you get more than 25 mins of it, except for the fact that the rink was melting literally because of the sun.  There were huge puddles everywhere and we were so worried about falling.  We had fun still.

I wanted to do zorbing and it was the best decision I made for the day.  Loved it!
I would make a pretty good hamster.

The giant slide was another good one.  We probably went on 100 times at least.  We went until we dropped.

 Ella was happy waiting with her biscuits.

 I joined in for a bit of percussion fun.
 Last but not least blue cotton candy!  It doesn't get any better than this.

ferris wheel!

I think officially it's called the Hong Kong Observation Wheel.  One way or another we were very excited!
 The wait wasn't too long, I would say it was about 20 mins.

We were next!
 I wish the whee would go faster!
Mind you I think Ella was a little scared at this speed already.
 Loved it!

Sunday, 18 January 2015

the twins are turning 2!

Jessica took Parker to the birthday party.  They had a good time with the bouncy castle.
Animal print balloons!
It was nice to see my BFF Eve.
 We all loved the cars.

 The Balloon Man was brilliant.
 Now that's a big balloon.
 The balloon was eating him!
 Happy birthday C and J!
We all had a super time.  Great party!

cycling with Po Po

We went to visit Po Po at her new flat.
 We watched a bit of tv with Jacey.
At the dam.

 Ella and Jessica loved the family bike.

 My cool bike.

Saturday morning hike

We started our hike near my school.  Our old campus is completely gone!
 Jessica took Parker to the hike.
 I carried Parker up most of the way.
 The the top of the Twin Peaks.
 I was pretty tired.  Must have been the extra weight of Parker.