Monday, 26 November 2012

my dinosaurs

I look after them well. Here I put them to bed with cupcake wrappers as pillows and Kleenex as duvet.

Santas are in town!!

still tired

We went to school the day after we went to Ocean Park and we were still absolutely knackered.  It would take us 2 days to recover!

my official picture with sea lion

Ocean Park!!

We were back to Ocean Park again. Mommy was beating herself for not buying us season passes.  Maybe next time.  I got to go to my favourite ride Raging River 3 times with daddy! We got all soaked even with rain coats.
I love Ocean Park.
Ella went with us too and she was happy.
Later in the afternoon.  Ella started to get cranky as she hadn't had much sleep.
JM and I of course were still full of beans.
We loved Goldie the Goldfish but Ella was not too impressed.
Highlight of the day:  I got picked to do a little gig with the sea lion.  I kept going me me me me me when the lady asked if there was a volunteer.  She had to pick me of course as I was the loudest!
I have to say the sea lion was a lot bigger on stage!
The sea lion had a good smile too!

Isabel the paleontologist

 Look I found some dinosaur fossils!

Sunday morning

Coffee and TV with daddy.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

lunch with Ranice

Lunch break after golf. I love socializing!


We tried golf for the first time with our friend Ranice.  We loved it!  The driving range is right in the middle of a housing compound.  Crazy!
Note to self:  should work out which is my right hand and left hand.  It was a bit embarrassing to not know.  :-)
We got it!
My first swing.  It was more difficult than I thought but I improved fast.
JM was pretty good too.  See more of her actions here.
Daddy was good!  He's good at everything!

princess book

Our favourite book at the moment is the princess story book.
I think Ella is very interested too.

Cantonese food

Po po decided we should try some Cantonese food and she came over to cook us dinner. The verdict: maybe not for us. Why do Cantonese people need to drink so much soup?

Monday, 19 November 2012

Diwali here I come!

beach party!

A beach party with our SH friends Alana and Natalie!  It was nice to see them!
Ella is a lot bigger now since the last time she saw Leah.
I think Ella was trying to get to the cake.
We had fun burying Una's daddy.
Ella, lost in thoughts in the conversation.
Alana and I had fun swimming.
Ella joined yet another adult's discussion!  I think she wanted a taste of daddy's beer too.
I don't know why Jm loves sand so much.
We were all very impressed with the cake.
Happy birthday Una!
Who's got a cake moustache?
Looks like JM got a good stash of candy from the pinatas.
Jm's new friend Isabelle.