Sunday, 31 January 2016

the coldest day in Hong Kong!

Brrrrr!!! Unbelievable!
Icicles on the Peak!

Dressed for the cold!

J and C's 3rd birthday

My BFF Eve was also there.
Bouncy castle!
Happy Birthday boys!
Cake time!
The table was a lot of fun.

violin class

We had a special guest this week: Ella!
She even observed the private class.
She got a little fidgety towards the end.
The mush anticipated sushi dinner after class.

back to Hong Kong

We took an evening flight from Dubai and got back  to Hong Kong at 4 in the morning!  We immediately went to bed and slept till midday.  Very disorientated! To dust off the jet lag we went out for a walk.
Instead of the Twins we tried Violet Hill this time.
The view was great.
Tai Tam Reservoir.
We were in the clouds!
A well-deserved ice cream treat after our walk.

Dubai, day 7

Our last day in Dubai.  We got up reasonably early to be ready for the water park for one more time! Our strategy for they was to run over to the Tower of Poseidon first and do the rides first.  Our favourite was the Aqua Boomerang.

Dubai, day 6

Today we almost died and went to heaven.  The Atlantis water park!!!
 We hit the kids play-pool right away.

 Ella's favourite slide. She would not try other slides.
 Outside the shark tank.
Daddy at the lazy river.
Leap of Faith.  I went on it 3 times!  Mommy said I was braver than her by a long way.
The shark tank ride.  A bit lame but interesting.

Dubai, day 5

Last day staying at The Walk and we tried something different for breakfast.
Loved the outdoor seating, and everything on the menu!
Uncle Ken suggested the observation deck at Jumeirah Kalifa but it was full till 2pm.  We were just as happy to take photos outside.

 The Address which was burnt down on New Year's Eve.
 Next, we were finally heading the Atlantis!
The amazing aquarium, which you can see from the lobby.
We had fun checking out all the different fish.
We loved the horseshoe crab chair!
The view from our room.
The water park.  We were getting so excited!
 The aquarium from the top.
 Beautiful night view.
We met up with more friends for dinner.  
Ella hit it off with Uncle Mark.
Sienna.  She's a cool chick.
It was fun to play together.
Group photo!