Friday, 25 March 2016

south bay

A stroll and a play down to South Bay on a windy day.  It was deserted!

music share

ball rolling game

We invented the game.  And Ella was the stuck-ball person. :-)

consulate visit

We visited the American Consulate.
Group photo!
We learned about passports.
And we voted.

another BBQ

at the movie

We went to see The Good Dinosaurs with Daddy as a special date.  Ella and Jessica freaked out pretty much the whole time.  Never again Daddy said!


My favourite!

field day

The perfect orange smile!


And her goldfish friend.

Lamma Island

Another weekend, another island.  This time we went to Lamma and naturally we stopped at Rainbow for some yummy seafood.
Love the sea-front tables.
Everyone is quite chilled on the island.

The tide was up and water was clear.

We paid our respect at the Tin Hau temple.
We found another cave, supposedly dug by Japanese during the war.  We didn't go in but when others did they disturbed all the bats inside.  We freaked out.
The whackiest beach in the world, being directly next to a power plant.

thinking day

Our bracelet presentation on Thinking Day.  Not only did we send bracelets to a troop in Chicago we also had a booth to help the girls in HK to make their own.

We also went around and checked out other troops' booths.

Some of the activities were quite fun.

And I won a goldfish!  We called her Goldie and she's now happily living in our vase.


Dinner date with mommy at Grappa's.  Sadly it will be closing down after 18 years!

cheung chau

The weather was not the greatest but it didn't stop us from doing some island hopping.
Great view on deck.
Just realised all our coats are red.  It was a bit chilly.
The tranquil Cheung Chau.
The famous pirate cave Cheung Po Tsai Cave.
Glad we had our phones with flashlights in the cave as it was pitch black.  Ella was a bit upset after she tripped over.
We made it out to the other side.  It was so much fun!

Beautiful coastline.
We took a short sampan ride back to the main pier =.

The fishing vessels were all in the shelter as it was still Chinese New Year.
Sampling the Cheung Chau speciality giant fish ball!
And egg tarts.
Coconut tarts were perfect for the ferry ride back.
Ella was too shattered to eat.