Tuesday, 30 August 2011

our flight back

Stretching out in the cabin!
I loved my seat.
Henry, sorry, Mr. Vader and I chilling to the inflight entertainment.

My dinner. Table cloth!
Loved my comfy bed. Mommy said I should not get used to this.

two little princesses

my new friend

Annabel and I decided that we would be best friends even though we had just met.

our peachicks

Our peachicks have little head feathers now. Almost as cute as Jessica and I!

a hungry pony

A hungry pony at Two Bridges. It loved my grass!


My first trip to Dartmoor and I was totally captivated by the scenery. Little did I know we had to walk up to the top. Should have taken that cereal bar with me.
Mommy and I actually climbed up to the top of the rock. Only big girls could go.
It was very windy and I was a bit worried to stand up.
Glued to the ground!

Friday, 26 August 2011

who's this?


busy day

Not only was I modeling my dirndl beautifully, I had work to do also.
I had to pick flowers....
...drive the tractor.

..check out the bull....
..and the cows.

guten Morgen!

I love my dirndl. JM seemed a little freaked out.
It's OK Jessica.
Let's go outside!

my new couch

I now have a couch in Peacock House as well! Woohoo!

Thursday, 25 August 2011


Trying to fish our injured duck, who was enjoying her daily hydrotherapy.
She was not taking the bait.
Sun treatment next.

showing off my face paint

saving the best for last

We got to ride on the army cargo vehicle!
All ready to go!
It was VERY bumpy. Exciting!
Bring it baby!
More please!

Can we do it again?

another snuggle with gong gong

isabel the soldier

tank museum

OK I thought when they had mentioned tank museum they meant the aquarium. You know, fish tanks? So what the heck was this?
Well I guess it was fun to be able to swing around.
Gong Gong seemed very interested though.
The inside of one of the many tanks on display.