Tuesday, 31 March 2015

sunday lunch

Mommy and Daddy took us to a new burger joint for lunch.  I think they were recovering from the 7s.  Burgers were good and we loved the little kids table at the back, equipped with a tv and Lion King playing!


Lunch with our friends Alana and Natalie visiting from Shanghai!

Ella got to join too as she was locked out after school with our helper.
She liked udon noodles.
 Next stop: bowling alley!
An interesting bowling technique!
We were pretty serious about the scores.
 Jessica and Natalie were the bowling ball attendants.


Mommy thought we were doing ponies.  Wrong!  I was a leopard.

school fair

We love fairs and I think it's all because of face paint.
Ella was less impressed with the brush.
We all picked the same design independently! Bless.


We re-created Bump! the math game from school. We even made our own dice!

daisy day camp

We attempted another camp and this time it was nice and sunny at last.
Mommy and Jessica dropped by to help out in the afternoon.
We learned a bit about knots.

We pitched a tent.  We built shelters and started a fire.  It was fun!
Our troop was in charge of the closing flag ceremony.
And we finished with the Girl Scout Hand Shake.  It was fun!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

my work

Mommy thinks I'm funny.

playdate with Ainsley

My friend Ainsley was over at ours for a playdate.  We kept ourselves busy transporting bugs in the playground.

student-led conference

I showed mommy and daddy my songs at music share again on the xylophone.


Our first time trying tacos and quesadilla.  The verdict: more please!!

shek o

We met up in Shek O for a BBQ, as our friends live nearby.
 Ella was best friend with Charlotte.
 The bigger girls hung out.  And Ethan.
 Shek O beach was fun!
 We spent hours just playing.
 And we got to roast marshmallow!

A game of beach cricket.
Ella and Charlotte built the biggest sand castle!

 Meanwhile we were playing leopards on the tree.

We also played a jumping game.  We had so much fun!