Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Easter Sunday

We started Easter Sunday with our favourite hike with my BFF.
On top of Tiger's Head.

After we headed to Cheung Sha Beach and had our long Easter lunch.
It was very sunny but windy.

Best icecream!
Ella Bunny.
We had an egg hunt on the beach.

The Perfect Day!

happy Easter!

Easter Saturday.  Had lunch in Tai Po with Gong Gong.
Too much action for Ella!

ice skating

Teachers' training day and we got a day off.  Yay!

bake sale

Bake sale at the soccer tournament.
We spent more time playing than selling!
Daddy and the moms were doing most of the work.  Oops!

cat and owner

After camp and immediately in full action with my sisters in our favourite Cat and Owner game.

brownie camp

Friendship circle.
A few games with my friends.
We collected flowers and plants.

Dream catchers.
Doing swaps.
Dinner time.
Loved my headlamp.
Good morning Girl Scout!
Daddy made us bacon.  The best camp!

happy birthday!

My friend's G and her 8th birthday.