Tuesday, 29 January 2013

BBF reunion + twins welcoming party!

Guess who I had a reunion with?
It's my BFF Eve!
There was so much to talk about.  We go way back you see.
And now we are two little ladies!
After lunch we went to mommy's friend's baby party.  We all wanted cupcakes immediately!
And look at those cookies!
Here came the twins!
More cookies with their initials.
We were all happy with cookies and TV.
Twins with their mommy and daddy.  We are all so happy for them.  Congratulations!

a nice warm afternoon

Lovely warm afternoon after school. We love winter in Hong Kong!

my very first cup cake I made

Ocean Park!

We got to go to Ocean Park again! And Ella got to go on a ride with us.  I think she was a little nervous.
I was loving it, as usual.
JM wanted to be funny.
But she was enjoying herself.
Cable car!  We love cable cars!
We went to visit the pandas.
We liked the goldfish too.
And we loved Whisker!
We even got to go on a mini-ferris wheel on our own!
Hi mommy!
This ride reminded me of Bees in Shanghai.
Ella was quite happy in her pram.
And we even met Swift!  What a wonderful day!

playdate on the beach

2 little princesses

My friend Ranice and I.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

playdate at Auntie B's

It was our first visit to Auntie B's place. She found us some temporary tattoos.  Thank you!

our princess play

Hanna had worked the plot all out.  Once upon a time there were 2 princesses.
The liked to dance.
And one day the wicked step-mother gave them a poisonous apple and they died.  The end.

playdate at Brooke's

We got to decorate cookies!
I like icing.

JM likes sprinkles.