Tuesday, 30 November 2010

another zoo visit!

My second zoo visit in a week! And this is a new and different zoo. How exciting!
Look mommy a tiger!
Posing with my favourite animal.

Panda said hello.
My tapir expression.
Is your mama a llama?
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Daddy said the name is liger and I am still very confused.
Would you like some of my biscuit?
Group shot!
My monkey impression.

My other favourite.
My best Haibo impression.
Cuddle time.
A pony! I missed Millie the pony.
More cuddle time. I thought this cat was a bit big?

Hang on a minute it's not a cat!

I like to move it move it!
You like to, move it!
Last but not least: a pony ride!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

SH Kid's Museum

We are not sure why there was a set of teeth and a play clinic at the museum but hey I liked it!
Say whaaa? Auntie B is a doctor? I want to be a doctor too!
And a drummer!
Drink some water cow so I can milk you later.

zoo with Eve

A special afternoon visit to the zoo with Eve. Part of my Star of the Week rewards.

Where are you off to Eve?
Ahh popcorns. Thanks for sharing.

Meeting new friends.

star of the week

I was elected Star of the Week for making many right choices (mommy apologizes for her poor camera positioning).
Mommy took me to my favourite dumpling restaurant to celebrate.
I sure dined like a star as well.

hello hello kitty

Modelling my latest sleepwear, which is looking too small already. I guess I am a long way from a pea.

my first dressing gown

And I LOVE it!

Thursday, 25 November 2010


Socializing took a lot of energy!