Thursday, 28 August 2014

surfing again

Unfortunately there were no waves.
I played on the beach instead.  It was a good day out!

school orientation

It was back-to-school orientation day and we got to pick our after-school activities.  I tried rock climbing.
Getting ready.
I managed to get half way up.  I think I will do rock climbing next term.  I'm doing kung fu this year!

pool and BBQ party

Pool and BBQ party at Gong Gong's.

Big Wave Bay

I surf regularly at Big Wave Bay now.

pirate boat and sushi

Waiting to get on the pirate boat in Causeway Bay.
 I have to say it was a bit lame once we were up there.
 Underwhelming would be the word.
Ella liked it though.
 It is a lot more impressive from the outside.
 An early lunch.  It was Jessica's first sushi belt experience and she loved it!
 I think cucumber rolls make Jessica goofy.

 Ella was a soba noodle monster.
 Group photo!

 We found a smaller boat inside the mall.

a playdate at Jacey's

Jacey was the best playmate.  She stayed very still during her hair session.
 And for her make-up session.

 Some more lip glass Jacey?
Jacey has so much stuff it's better than a toy store.

 Auntie Joyce and Dou Dou.
 Who's the cutest?

 Some water Dou Dou?

Dinner time!
 Auntie B joined us for dinner too.
 It was time to say goodbye.
 Thank you Jacey for sharing your toys with us.  We had a lot of fun and let's do it again.

still jet lagged

A trip to Ding Tai Fung is another good way to combat jet lags.  

Ella loves the food there too.




Day one in Hong Kong.  We woke up like zombies but we didn't stop.  Attention from Gong Gong and Auntie B, and dim sum were the best cure.  Oh and lots of snacks too.  Look at our happy faces.