Saturday, 17 October 2015

pumpkin festival

The Brownies and Daisies were responsible for shining pumpkins.


Our favourite game at the moment.


Another Sunday BBQ at our secret BBQ spot.

beach cleanup

The annual Girl Scout beach clean up.
Like last year we found yet another fishing net!
This year Jessica join as well for her first time as a Daisy.

A great morning spent to make the world a better place!

mommy's new toy

And we loved it!

Ella Chu

A mini cuddle fest with our little Ella Chu.


It was chapel day and our class was going to perform a play about honesty.  So exciting!
I practiced and practiced over our term break.  And I memorised all my lines!

 Three cool cats!

dinner at Jacey's

We had another playdate and dinner at Jacey's place again.

Our favourites were char siu and fish balls!

junk trip

Term break and we got our friends together for another fun junk trip!
 We patiently waited at the pier.
 It was a Friday and not many people/boats around.
The quiet Buff Island.  Great snorkelling site on the side of the bay too.
There were sea lice around and we all got out.
 A cocktail while we waited for our lunch.
 Lunch!  Yummy!
 We ate first, than the adults.
After lunch we motored to another bay.  Gorgeous day to be on a junk.

 Here we are - Millionaire's Bay.
 A quick top up of lemonade before we go on the beach.

 Clear water, perfect way to cool down.

There was even a fresh water pond off the beach.  The water was so warm it's like a hot spring.
We love junk trips!
We grabbed dinner at the Thai restaurant up the road where the pier is.  It was a perfect day.