Wednesday, 26 October 2011

breakfast time!

We got to go out for breakfast! It must have been a special day.
I got my Sunday's best on.
Guess who found the chocolate fountain?

Friday, 21 October 2011

sports day!

I hadn't realised it was sports day. To be honest everyday is sports day to me!
My mommy!
This was a piece of cake.
I enjoyed all the challenges.
This one was a little lame but hey.
Mommy look at me!
I did very well with the space hopper.
I didn't understand the parachute but it was kind of fun.
Did they call this a horse?  I am good with horse you know.
Help from couch Sue.
I think this is similar to Wipeout and I LOVE Wipeout!

Faster Natalie!
I did this all on my own.
A proud finish!
I decided to cry at the end so perhaps mommy would stay with me.
Oops acting up didn't work so I might as well smile for mommy.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

taking over mommy's bed

Mommy was supposed to get some rest, but not with us around!

pressie time

It was so exciting even though the presents were not for me.

happy birthday Tomtom

All ready in my party wear.
I think Eve have forgotten about me.
Auntie Claire and her little baby Charlotte!
Happy birthday Tomtom!
A Buzz cake!  He's my favourite.
Cake time!
I liked crisps too.
Even I needed a break from eating all those snacks.  Water JM?

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

2 very tired munchkins

Our drive back home from airport.

our flight

Two fidget bums on board.
Sitting down?  Nah!
There's so much to do.  Why would we sit?
We would only sit down when there's food.
There's pasta on the menu!
Or should I have eggs?
I liked my fruits and eggs.
JM seemed happy just with her roll.  Oh well.
Moving on to stickers.
Let me show them to you JM.
That's how you tear the paper out JM.
The pilot said we were approaching Shanghai!
Can we go faster?