Monday, 31 December 2012


At long last a sunny day and we went to one of my favourite beaches Dawlish.

And we got ice cream from mommy and daddy's creamery. Yum!
JM liked hers for sure even though it was freezing outside.

Friday, 28 December 2012

my injury

I cut m hand from a fall. Cool!

pressie time!

Absolute chaos!

Christmas walk

A quick walk with everybody including Tusker before our presents.
Guess who found a muddy puddle!
Nice view at the top.

Christmas lunch

Chrstmas lunch! This year we had goose and I enjoyed everything on the table!
I was happy to be eating big girls food.  I loved teh goose and roasted potatoes.
JM loved her pigs in blankets.
Mince pie and Christmas pudding.  Yum!

Did you know Santa even included Belle's shoes for me to match the outfit?  Thank you Santa!

group picture

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Day!

Santa came!!! Look at all those presents! I thought I heard something during the night when I slept.
And he dropped our presents by the fireplace. Look!
How did he do that?  He ate the mince pie also.  And Rudolph had his carrot.
Is this what I think it is?
It's a Belle dress!  It's a Belle dress!!
Just what I wanted.  Thank you Santa!
And Jessica got her Aurora dress too!
A happy day!

lots of attention

I love attention!

my very own Christmas decoration

I made it from scratch!

1 week into our trip

And we were noticeably more cheerful.

Auntie Val and Uncle Terry!

They are strictly speaking great aunt and uncle but hey. We love Auntie Val and Uncle Terry!

And thank you for my pirate bits.
Our indoor pirate base.

my first wreath

hula fingers!

O Christmas Tree

Finally we got to decorate our tree!


Mommy and daddy disappeared for a few days. Apparently they went to London and mommy even got to drive around in Central London! Maybe next time I will get to go along.

day 1 in UK

Very jetlagged and grumpy, but we managed.