Thursday, 30 April 2009

I blow

more park time

Yeah!  Spring is in the air.  Our play date turned into a picnic this week and we were not complaining.  Look how happy we were!

Showing off my clapping skill.  Check it out, Eve.  Will I ever get tired of it?
Aaron and his funky frog pants.

attack part 2

daddy's sneaky attack

my seat

My car seat makes me feel like a queen.

park life

Our first visit to Wusong Wetland Park.  

It was a really nice day, breezy, sunny and warm.  As a real bonus the place was not too busy.

It was my first time actually seeing the river.  

Still, i was not happy though.  Perhaps I'm just not an outdoor person.  Or perhaps it was my painful gum. 

Here you see me whining again.

As sunny as it was I would not allow my shades to stay on my head.

More whining.

Oh no I almost let out a smile there.  Couldn't have that as I decided that it was my sulking day.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

chu beis are back in town

Although you can't really see them but my chu beis are back. 

Hm hello? Do you you mind?  

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

brush, brush, brush

I got a new toy.

Mommy tried brushing my teeth but I wouldn't have it.  And I got given a tooth brush to play with. YAY!!

It's perfect for scratching my gum.

Ahhh let's kick my feet up and relax.

With my pot-belly I looked a bit like a couch potato.

A very cute couch potato though!

Monday, 27 April 2009

little monster

Spot the monster!
Ta-da!  I am the little monster here.  
Getting through my obstacle course.!
Not quite through the obstacle but I got what I wanted.
Little monster is teething still.
A least I'm not cranky when I have something in my mouth.
Standing monster!  BTW do you like my jeans?

prison break

I have been scheming.
Hmm....looked like a long jump.  Perhaps not.
Any way out from this side??  Stay tuned for my prison break progress.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

my bottom teeth!

Showing off my new teeth.

Demonstrating my killer smile.

Mommy cracked me up with those animal noises she made.

She hadn't realised I was laughing at her. :-)

My cheeky look.

Karate chopping Frankie the Frog.

Multi-tasking here - doing tripod and karate chop at the same time.

More killer smile!

Gum-scratching time.