Tuesday, 24 February 2015

happy CNY Gong Gong

We visited Gong Gong to wish him happy Chinese New Year.  We collected lai sees!

back in town

We concluded our CNY break by going to the cinema.  We really liked Shaun the Sheep.
A quick run around at the nearby park before dinner.
Dinner at a proper restaurant! Jessica waved a sharp steak knife as soon as we sat down, a waitress knocked mommy's wine over, and Ella spilled her water.  Other than that we had a great time and loved the food!

Kung Hei Fat Choi

Chinese New year morning.  We liked the CNY decorations at breakfast.
It's like any other day though, straight to the pool after breakfast.
Daddy found me a coconut.

Back to the jacuzzi in the afternoon.

pool fun

We were delighted to be back at the whizzy whizzy pool and the pool bar.
We also spent a lot of time in the jacuzzi too.

Dinner at Tony's the beach restaurant.  The food was so-so but we enjoyed being out.

pony riding

Day 3.  Breakfast is always our favourite time.
Bacon! And sticky rice.  Now that's fusion!

We were going to go for a bike ride after.
The trip lasted 5 mins as Ella was freaking out at the back of the bike.
We dropped Ella off and went to the beach.
We had a great morning walk.
 Then we were off to the stable.  We love riding on the beach.


Day 2.  We went straight to one of the neighbouring resorts for its waterslide.  
There is only one slide, and yet we did not het more of it.

Finally we got too tired and took a break.  We went to a beach hut to have our hair done.
 I felt like Rapunzel.  And it was pretty handy not to have to brush our hair for a few days.

 A baby elephant came to visit but Ella was too scared.
I shook hand with her while Jessica was still going strong at the slide.

I had a short ride as well.  Candy the Elephant was very gentle.
Back on the slide again.

We must have been on that slide 300 times.

 On our way back we found this little guy.  Some kind of skink perhaps?
heading back to our hotel on the shuttle with Colin the Croc.


We were so ready for Phuket!
Finally I'm reading a proper book.