Sunday, 26 June 2016

Southside Market

Another get-together before everyone leaves for the summer.  This time a long afternoon lunch with our friends.
There was a huge spread of food and drink which kept going from noon - 6pm!

The adults were happily hanging out while the kids kept busy with face paints and games.

Great photo-bombing Oscar!

We ruled the "dance floor".

Cute as a button.
More dancing.
We partied on at Hannah's house.


I still use our play kitchen every now and again.  Today we made Mommy a complete 3-course lunch.
Soup of the day was bits of apple and biscuit crumbs.
Ella and I were more interested in the soup than Mommy was.

hike to upper primary

This is my last year in Lower Primary.  Next August I will be in grade 3 and a different campus.  Our hike took us to the Upper Primary and we got to have lunch at the cafeteria (and we practiced how to buy lunch).

My BFFs at school.
A snack break before we started our official school tour.

Girl Scout Gala

Our last group Girl Scout event where all the troops got together.
We got to hang out for a bit, had pizza and lots of baked goods.
Then it was the actual bridging ceremony.  This year we were just audience.
Mommy and her Brownie and Daisy!

more beach

Would you believe that we actually went back to the beach again the next day right after camping/mega sandstorm!   Luckily the beach is just across from our apartment.  The sun was out so why not.


The weather wasn't the best but we decided to give it a go anyway as it would be the last of the season before we set off for the summer.
We met in Sai Kung and decided that we should just boat in instead of walk like we normally do.
We were all super excited.
On the boat.  Ethan gets scared on boats normally so he got a cuddle.
The girls were all chilled and cool.
Ella insisted to sit on her own.
It took 30 minutes to get to our favourite beach.
We wasted no time to set up camp.  This was going to be our table.

Tents were all set up very quickly too.
We had the beach to ourselves pretty much.
Our table didn't quite work, so we borrowed a table from Mr. Lai at the shop.
And we got the BBQ going nicely.
Hanging out.
The next day.  Exhausted!  We didn't get much sleep the night before because we messed around quite a bit at bedtime.  Ad we got woken up in the middle of the night when top of our tent got blown off!  It was quite a sand storm.

violin lesson

Leaving violin class very happy, as we got to go out for dinner!

library day

It was Mommy's turn to take half the class to the library today.  Ella got to join as there was a rain warning in the morning and all the kindergartens had the day off.
We ate lunch in the classroom and had a few minutes of free time.
Ella's first time to the library.  This coming August she will be coming to Big Girls School!

And this is will my last year in this library as I'm moving off to Upper Primary next!
The weather was closing in.
And as soon as Ella and Mommy got back to the car it started pouring. Lucky them!