Saturday, 31 December 2011

Haytor revisited

Mommy couldn't believe it when I actually remember our last visit to Haytor in the summer.   I remember going all the way up to the top,  had icecream after and then a pub lunch. I love my excursions after all.  This time we made it to the top with grandma, grandpa, mommy, daddy and Jessica.  And we saw wild ponies!  
They were certainly not shy.
I think this one was very hungry.
Daddy and I got to the very top.  It was wet and windy.
I think I was a little nervous.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

more presents!

I couldn't believe there were actually more presents for us! Christmas is fun!
I decided that I would be princess by day and superhero by night.
To infinity and beyond!
Even superhero needed presents.
Tinkerbell...I think I need to get mommy to get me the movie.

Christmas lunch

My first proper Christmas Lunch. Look at our 4-bird roast!
All ready for a feast!

I liked pigs in blankets most.
I liked Christmas pudding as well of course.

little miss butterfly

Thank you grandma for my face paint and thank you mommy for painting my face.

introducing Mini and Ariel

the present I asked for

I wonder if Santa got my letter.
OMGOMGOMG I think he did!
It's a mermaid costume!!
Just what I asked for!
Big smile!

Santa was here!

Mommy mommy mommy!  Santa was here!
He ate the mince pie too! Rudolph took a few bites of the carrots.  Maybe he wasn't hungry.

Santa's mince pie

I left a mince pie for Santa and some carrots for Rudolph.

I love mince pies!

Our Christmas Eve dessert.

making sausage rolls

I hadn't realised sausages have skin?!
I was good peeling.
It was a little intimidating touching raw meat.
I think I needed my hands washed.
How many more to go grandma?
Last one.
Let's move on to the egg glaze.

I was an expert sausage roll liner.
Look at the dedication!

Last one!

Sunday, 25 December 2011

two happy munchkins

Tummies full of fish and chips.

gingerbread house!

Daddy made us a gignerbread house!
May I help to decorate the house?
Two jelly tots for my tummy.
One for the house.
I'd give you one to put on the house JM.