Tuesday, 16 February 2016

BBQ with Jacey

Another warm and sunny day - perfect for a BBQ!  And as a bonus there were bouncy castles too!

We ate some BBQ food quickly and ran back to the bouncy castles.

A quick water break.
With Jacey's Grandma.

Lantau Peak

With CNY holiday nearly over we squeezed in another hike.  Mommy and Daddy thought Jessica was ready to take the Lantau Peak challenge after her epic 14km hike.
It was ever so foggy up at the temple (around 320M). The big Buddha was completely hidden in the fog.
We found our way up towards the peak.
It was extremely windy near the top too.

I carried enough emergency candies for 2 days!
We made it!
It was wet, cold, and windy. Luckily we had the wind shelter for our lunch break.
What would we do without our travel scotch egg and cocktail sausages?
Love the scenery.

CNY assembly

A couple of pictures from our school CNY assembly.  I was up there with Oliver as presenters.

Girl Scout playdate

It was half playdate half meeting.  We made friendship bracelets in preparation for Thinking Day.
My creations.  Each bead represents something about me: my star sign,  things I like such as swimming, violin etc.  Cute.
We also had dinner together.
And Daddy made it home early for our bedtime story.  A perfect Friday!

Discovery Bay to Mui Wo

CNY day 4 and we were out and about again.  This time we met up with friends and started our walk in Discovery Bay.
Up by the reservoir there's a cool trail which leads to the top of some of the hills and all the way to Mui Wo.
With my BFF.
The kids were all very good hikers, especially Ella.  The hike was a little over 3 hours!

Beautiful waterfall and rocks.  We had fun hopping along.  Reminded me the place in Dartmoor.
We ate at a pub in Mui Wo and stupidly decided to walk back.   Apparently it was a short cut and would only be 45 mins.  Two and a half hour later we reached Discovery Bay.

Incredibly almost 6 hours of walking and 14km later we were still happy and full of beans.  We even managed to play at the playground near the pier!

CNY day 2

Another sunny and even warmer day.  We decided to venture out to our favourite spot Grass Island.
We were already digging into our emergency Monster Munch by the time we got to the pier.
Originally we worried about the ferry not running because of Chinese New Year, but it was business as usual and quite a few private speed boats were around too.  We waited a bit and got on a speed boat.

Most of the village houses dressed up in Chinese New Year decorations too.
Our favourite photo spot.
Balance Rock at the back.  Daddy and I climbed it while Jessica and Ella played at their favourite spot at the top of the cliff/resting area.
A big herd of water buffalo was around.

One was particularly interested in us (or our sandwiches).
This guy was so gentle and soft.
Later on the wind picked up slightly and we managed to fly our kite for a little while.
We went back to Sai Kung town to our favourite Sri Lankan restaurant.  The best chicken curry!
Daddy's favourite eggplant dish.
And the very delicious lentils!  A great way to end our great day!