Saturday, 27 September 2014


School was cancelled because of a typhoon.  It was just as well as I felt very poorly.  Check out my runny nose.

busy family



Dining out again.  This time with my friend Josie and we went for sushi.  Our favourites were edamame and cucumber rolls. I also tried a piece of salmon sashimi for the first time, didn't like it though.


It was our first teppanyaki experience and we loved it!

 It was so much fun to see how our food was cooked.  I would love to go back!


while we were waiting

We decided to go to Repulse Bay for some ice lollies.

 It was soooo hot we decided to head back to the indoor playground to wait.
 Our attempt to add a trailer to the car was quite comical.


We forgot our house keys and Ms. Pura was out for the day.  Drama!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

mid-autumn festival

Yay we made it down to the beach!
 Jessica's favourite wand (with extra annoying music).
 We met up with the girls again.
Loads of glow sticks, and we even got real lanterns.
Hannah and I.
 Ella was still pestering Lauren.
 They were good sharing.
 And Lauren was happier compared to the day when we were at Eve's party certainly. :-)
 JM and Sophia.  Sophia is turning 4 soon! Happy birthday Sophia!

Eve's 6th birthday

We made it to DBay! The party got p and kicking very quickly.
Party with a view.  
 Dressing up clothes!  Oh Yeah!

So many kids!
We learned a dance routine.

 Pass the parcel.
Ella chillaxed with Lauren.
 Lauren didn't like the attention.

Happy Birthday Eve!
It's a long journey home but we had a great day!

quick but very yummy lunch

After our swim lessons we grabbed a quick lunch at Open Kitchen.  It had the best french toasts ever!
Jessica's fish and chips were pretty good as well.
And we got ice cream after!  We love Sundays!

swim lessons

Jessica and I ave swim lessons every Sunday now.  I am now a Sea Turtle.
 Jessica is a Duckling.  Cute.
 Ella gets to watch.  Maybe she will learn something.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

pool fun with Po Po

Po Po came to give us some mid-Autumn festival toys and had a dip in the pool with us.
 Jessica demonstrated her new skills.  No arm bands!

 Colin the croc.
 Ella now uses the arm bands.