Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Natalie's princess birthday party

And we dressed up accordingly.
JM got on quite well with my friend Olivia.
And Victoria.
Birthday girl Natalie and I.  We had fun coloring our masks.

hip hop

Our first hip hop class.  JM spent a few minutes observing.
Eventually she decided to join.
Not sure how hip hop this was but we had fun.
We all loved Michela, our instructor.
Who would have thought jumping over a shoe would be so much fun?

We like "hip hop".  Although I think I need different attire.

strawberry picking

The Pelicans were all ready to go!
I liked having mommy on the school bus.
We were excited!
I think mommy got a little disappointed at the "strawberry farm" but I was excited nonetheless.
It took me no time to pick them!
Look at this one!
We showed off our pickings.
I like big ones.
I wanted to eat them on the spot but mommy told me not to.
They looked soooo yummy.
I want to go strawberry picking again.
Mommy thinks I look cute when I sleep.  Really?

nite nite mommy

Ready for bed in my big girl bed with Postman Pat.
Nice smiles.
Tired now.  Nite nite mommy!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

tongue-painting lollipop

lunch date

Lunch date with daddy on my last day of Spring Break.

I won't be happy if I'm not in Happy Valley

That's what I told my mommy as we were leaving the place. I should be in marketing.
How much did we like Happy Valley?  Just look at our smiles.

We had fun on the pirate boat ride.
JM was happy running around.
The balloon ride was actually quite scary.
Our #1 favourite dolphin ride.
We must have gone around and round for 100 times.  It was nice to go on a weekday!

My first 3D movie experience.  I loved it!
My other favourite ride the kangaroo!
The teacup was OK.  A bit lame.
Loved the frog hopper too! 
More please!
JM liked it too even though she got a bit scared the first time.  We want to go back to Happy Valley!

Friday, 13 April 2012

my big girl bed

I sent JM to supervise while I watched TV.
Time to try my new bed!
I love my new duvet too.
I'm a big girl now!