Monday, 29 April 2013

dance practice

I practiced my dolly dance at home.  My big day is on May 12th.  We are going to perform at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts!
Ella seemed very impressed!


A quick play at the beach after Eve went home.  
 There's nothing better than bubbles.
 Well, maybe lollipop is slightly more interesting.

ice cream time

I found some coins on the beach and I treated my BFF and my sister for icecream.  Yum!

lunch with Eve

A chillaxing lunch in Stanley with my BFF.
 It started pouring down but we didn't care.
 We loved playing with our umbrellas!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

story time

Ela got to join us but she was standing up pulling on books not before long.

Ella the good eater

Ella is almost as good as I am with her eating!  We eat and try everything.

She'd eat anything and everything we give her.

 She does have her moments of doubt every now and again.

my ballet performance costume

coffee shop

I enjoyed my muffin and sips of tea with mommy at Pacific Coffee.  Mommy told me coffee shops are where grown ups hang out.  I was very proud to be part of it.  I liked hanging out with mommy.

Leah's party

Another birthday party!  We have been very busy.  JM had fun catching up with Brooke, who is also good friends of Leah.
 I was busy hanging out with Guy and his friends.
 Games time!  Emma and I and this other girl were a good team.

Abby's party

we got back to HK and we got busy right away.  Abby's birthday party was a blast.
We loved the cup cakes.
JM deep in thought with her cup cake.
I enjoyed the games too.  Happy birthday Abby!

my goose egg

It was a bit much  to have a big egg like this boiled.  I think we will try scrambled  next time.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

happy birthday mommy

It was mommy's birthday and we made her cup cakes.We LOVE cup cakes!

We got her many different ones to choose from.  She loves the bears and seals and we like bears and elephants.
 We couldn't stop eating them.

goose egg hunt part 2

We were ready the next morning to go back to get more eggs.  This time I dressed up as a wolf!
 I got my egg basket even.
 Ready to go!
 Oh no! Lucy is in the hut again!
 She looked like she was ready to put up another fight.  We left empty-handed.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

operation goose egg

Our goose Lucy had been laying eggs and we were set to pinch them!
Partners in crime.
The island where Lucy lives.
There was only one issue.  It was getting late and Lucy was back in the house.  She put up quite a fight!  I was going to reach in but stopped when she was hissing like crazy.
We got a couple of eggs.  We will go back tomorrow to get the rest.

Friday, 5 April 2013



We took a little detour after Wookey Hole and ended up in Wells.  It ended up a very interesting stop as we loved the Bishop's Palace.  It's got everything we know about castles.  We were so excited when we spotted the portcullis.

 The old potato storage room.

 We had a good game of tag in front of the cathedral.