Friday, 25 July 2014

a new friend

We found this little guy napping on a table and of course we woke him up.
 Cute little guy!

Perhaps we should have a cat.


A beautiful day in Dartmoor, with beautiful Dartmoor ponies no less.
 Awwww cute baby pony!

 Ella and her favourite wellies.

back to Crealy

We were back!  We love the 6-day re-entry policy!
 Ella has turned into a little explorer.
 And she loves the yellow slide.
I lost count on how many times we got on that slide.
 JM is addicted to the blue drop slide.

 Ella on the yellow slide again.
 And again.

 I am now ding the Red Devil.
 We must have been doing slides for at least 3 hours!


I'm not afraid of Tusker anymore.  We play together quite well these days.
 Ella is a little bit less sure.

new ducks

Our new runner ducks.  They are still very shy.


We are back to our favourite park Crealy.  
 The gorilla is still there.
 Ella loved the swinging bee.
We liked the bigger version of swinging bee.

 My old favourite.
 Ella was a little unsure.

 We might be growing out of this ride.
Ella loved it though.
The teacup ride was kind of lame.
Loved the duckling.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

pond dipping

Pond dipping in the garden.  We found the usual water boatman, pond skaters, and a leech!

Mamhead Lookout

It was a lovely walk to the lookout.
 It didn't seem too long ago when we were here but Jessica must have been younger than Ella!

All grown up.
 JM now likes Quavers instead of Wotsits.
 Ella likes Quavers too.
 Little explorers.

 I can actually read the map too.
We all looked at the camera!  Can we get a smile from Ella?
Not even close.
 Perfect weather, perfect view.

 Ella was happy to be out.

Showing off my gymnastics moves.

 We tried to carry Ella when she refused to walk.