Sunday, 27 October 2013

breakfast date

On our way to our breakfast date, and finally we got a picture of Pearl Tower like proper tourists.
Our breakfast date with A and N.  It was great to catch up.  Mommy and Auntie L talked and talked too. :-)  It was a little weird to go back to our old building.  We were all happy to see the plants we left behind all doing well.  Thank you Auntie L!
Ella dressed to impress!
We went downstairs to play, just like the old times.
The new playroom is great!

It was a fun-filled morning!  Can't wait to see them all when they come to HK next!

dinner date

First we headed to a playdate.
 Back to our favourite indoor playground Lollipop!
 Then we were off to the awesome kids dining room at Blue Frog.

 Even Ella enjoyed her meal.
 Say cheese!
We were absolutely knackered on the way back to the hotel.

Auntie Pat

It had been a long while since we last saw Auntie Pat.  It was great to be able to catch up.
She couldn't believe how big Ella is now.
We had fun hanging out.
It was time to pick up Alexander.
It was great to see our friend.

We went to see my very first teacher Miss Helena.
My old haunt Nursery Yellow!
Mommy remembers this corridor very well.  She dropped off and picked up for a year.
On our way out we found a slug.  How fun!

hello Shanghai taxi!

Hello Shanghai!  It had been a long while but we recognised the smell right away. Our taxi ride was quite an adventure too.  No carseats and seat belts!

a long day

We rushed to the airport right after Field Day.  Got a plane to catch!
We were pretty excited.  We are good travellers these days.
Ella did her human tumble-dryer moves the whole time during the flight.  No wonder she got tired.

field day

It was my first field day and Jessica got to join us as she was having her term break.
We were all ready to rock!
I don't need stabilisers!
My first try with hula hoops and I doubled up the challenge!

Monday, 21 October 2013

morning cycling trip

Mommy and daddy found us another spot to do cycling.
 There's a small playground there too.  A bonus!

 Tapping on the table was so much fun somehow.
 Ella had a wardrobe malfunction.
 I took a moment to chill out a little.

 More rest.
 Ella doesn't like swings I guess.
 We had fun.

 Happy cyclers!

 Three very tired munchkins.