Tuesday, 31 August 2010

who's excited about going to the playground?

my first designer gear

Thank you auntie Christina for my very first designer label. Look at that bow!
Another pose. This cardigan is so versatile!

Sunday, 29 August 2010


My first handbook.
Posing with my school bag.
All excited to go!

a dinner surprise

I had a surprise visitor! Peter is probably the most animated adult I met. I loved it!
Ooops I shouldn't have opened my mouth with a mouth full. He was good fun though.

dumplings time

Since I was such a brave girl at school mommy took me out for a special lunch at my favourite restaurant. I can eat 7 to 8 dumplings at a time!
My other favourites include pork chop, tofu, noodles, and fried rice. Yum.
Hmm tofu is good.

We went shopping after. And can you believe my luck: they were giving out ice cream at the supermarket! Hooray!!!!
Nice and cold!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

first day of school

I was a little nervous.
I was pretty excited at the same time.
A nervous laugh?
My classroom.
Wow look at all these toys!
My new friend Matthew.
Isabel the witch.

my passport shots

The boring standard shot.
How about a Mrs. Beckham's pout?
Another pout.
I prefer poses with action.
Your flash was not on. Sort it!
Lucky we only need these photos for my school.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

oh yeah!!!

I can't believe it took me a whole 2 years before I discover ice cream.


Picking a few bits and pieces from the supermarket.
Which aisle mommy?
Supermarket is fun. I prefer my own trolley definitely.
May I have those goldfish biscuits?

lunch with Brooke

It was nice to catch up now that we are both back from our vacation.
I was happy to see my BFF.
So how was your flight? My inflight entertainment sucked.
Thanks for the necklace, Isabel.
Have one of these dumplings while they are hot, Brooke.