Sunday, 28 September 2008

to set the record straight

Mommy would like to clarify that she was once upon a time fit.  Seen here with granddad and auntie Bea in Oct 2007.  It's all because of me!

Sept 27 my first swim!

Today had to be my most adventurous day yet - mommy took me swimming!

Me here being undressed.
I actually was OK with the neck-ring arrangement - I didn't cry!
Here we are.  My first swim!  I have to say I didn't really know what was going on but I kept my cool.
My swim mate baby Dexter, who was making a bit of a splash there.
Now hang on a minute..this feels..kind of like mommy's womb!  Maybe that's why I didn't see the need to panic.
I'm almost falling to sleep here.  Mommy was told that these rings are more comfortable than they look.  I guess it's true otherwise I would have been screaming.
Dexter was totally training for his trans-Atlantic race.  Daddy said I should start with crossing the Channel first.
Me suspending in the water.  I look a bit nervous there don't I.  Thing is I have yet to figure out those things dangling off my shoulders are actually MY arms and I can use them.  The time will come I am sure.  
Dexter with his mama auntie Tanya.
It's kind of weird that the pools are actually inside a store!  Only in China.  And OMG mommy forgot to suck her stomach in!

A nice surprise: a bath, then a full body massage after my swim!
To mommy's surprise I was actually OK with lying on my tummy.  I liked my back rub!  Hang on are those Dex's naughty bits??  

Sept 25 another morning top and tail

Morning mommy!
The towel is too cold!
Ahhh a clean bottom.
I am still working on my Michelin Man look.

Sept 24 all dressed up

All dressed up for my second bumps and babes meeting.
Hang on a minute, do I look fat in it??
Mommy and her matching dress.
Come on!  Still posing?!?!  We need to go..I want to go strut my stuff to the other bumps and babes!
Ahhhh, a kiss.  Maybe I'd wait.  No offense mommy but I think you need a haircut.

Sept 23 just chilling

Activities for the day:  chill with my brothers Berry and Henry.

Bite index finger.

Try on mommy's favourite dress which no long fits.

for auntie Colleen... show her what a sweet pea I am.

Sept 22 way too spiffy

I honestly think I look really cool in my spiffy top but mommy thinks it's way too tight!
Let me strike a few poses before she retires my favourite shirt.

How do you like my look with teh top button undone?

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Sept 20 random pics

Daddy got his new toy that day.

We are told not to go near it.  Wait till I am 2 can start climbing and pulling stuff.  Whaaahaaahaaa.

Daddy was happy to do some snuggling once he had his coffee in hand.

Practicing my neck muscle.  Please pay no attention to my receding hairline.

Sept 19 my hair situation

It's getting worse.  Mommy first noticed my hair falling out last week.  The doc said it will get worse until my real hair comes in later on.  Desperate, mommy tried giving me a comb-over.  Humiliating!

Sept 18 massive trauma

Sept 18.  I was 2 months old.  I was somewhat happy when I woke up that morning.  Out of the blue I got taken to the clinic and some betch stabbed me twice on my thighs!  Vaccinations I was told?  It was bull.
Look at my injuries!

Sept 15 snuggling up to daddy

My typical afternoon when daddy has his day off.

We surf the net, hang out, watch ESPN, slumped on the couch like dudes.

the answer to where's my tail

Sept 15 baring it all

Mommy decided I should have some modesty when daddy and I wanted to show it all off.  And look I got gas!

Sept 15, trying out my stroller seat

Still way too big for me despite all the blanket-wedging!  Do they think I am a hot dog or something?

my first cross-stitch

My first cross-stitch - given to me that is.  Thank you for all your time and effort auntie Eva!

I like the wrapping paper very much also.