Thursday, 28 August 2008


It's me here again, all swaddled up. It's like a stray jacket but I like it. Mommy and daddy spent 2 weeks debating whether should have a dummy. I think they worry about me confusing a dummy with mommy's nipple. Now do they think I am stupid or something? I don't even like it - I know the real thing and I want it!

Friday, 22 August 2008

my first plane ride

My first plane ride was rather stressful to begin with (well for mommy and daddy anyway).

Daddy was combating a big hangover, sick bag in hand.

Mommy packed my 5 pieces of check-in luggage in the morning, worrying about weight.

They had to speak to the airline so my bulky stroller and car seat could go on board.

We got to the airport late cos daddy couldn't bring himself out of bed to a vertical position.

I couldn't wait longer to get my lunch (it was 2:15 by then, what gives?) so I started screaming at the airport.

Mommy had to feed me by the gate as there was no time to go to the lounge, while daddy went back out the security point so he could check in my bum cream, which was over 100ml and did not pass security check.

Everything was fine once we were in the air. The bassinet arrangement worked well.
I actually like flying - the background noise suited me well.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Grandma & conehead

New outfit from grandma: HK$100.

Jade bracelet from granddad: free. It was given to mommy when she was a baby.

Continuous winding: free.

Fugly conehead hat: priceless.

Sunday, 17 August 2008


I take my medicine 4 times a day. I hate it.

After about a week I learned to blow bubbles and spit out stuff. Victory is mine!

For some reason I do like my gripe water.

Yum yum....

The Bin

My typical cry mode: trembling lower lip + hand shaking.

Mommy and daddy kept threatening to put me in the bin if I keep acting up. To be honest I might actually like it - think Oscar in Sesame Street!

Aug 12, my morning

9:16am. Mommy put my new outfit. I peed on it 2 minds later I had it on.
9:20am. Mommy changed me. And granddad wanted a quick picture before he went off to work.

9:23am. Big mistake! I decided that I wanted another outfit changed again after all and I know some vomit would do the job.

9:40am. I could finally chill . Here you can see my cute little quilt specially made for me by auntie Ruth, all the way from Australia!

9:42am. I decided to say hi to my brothers Henry and Berry.

9:47am. i got bored and decided to cry. Norma picked me up to calm me.

Aug 11, more pout and air bicyle

Note: I like peeing and spray pooing this particular duvet cover too. Watch out auntie B!

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Aug 8, great grandma's visit

Aug 8, my tai chi routine

the lip thing

I do the lip thing when I don't want to eat. Apparently I started doing it from day 2.

Lip + frown. That's when mommy knows to leave me alone.

Henry and Berry

Henry's head is bigger than mine!

Little Berry.

Look! I am not crying! A kodak moment!

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Aug 6, on my nursing pillow

On my nursing pillow....doing everything else other than nursing!

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Aug 5, snuggle time

I pooed in the bath today. I was quickly taken out, dried and got into my snuggle blanket! I loved it!

Flipping daddy the bird! Actually I was just doing my starfish thing.

Then I passed out right away in 2 seconds.

I checked and peeked as usual to see if anyone was around.

Aug 3, my typical feeding session

I fall asleep when I eat. I like to eat slowly and sleep after 5 mins.

I check constantly to make sure mommy is there while I sleep. It frustrates her big time but I like my routine.
I then do the big-eye and hand curl thing to score some points back. Mommy thinks I am very cute when I do that.


Getting ready for my bath.