Monday, 27 January 2014

BBQ - part 2

Auntie Elsie caught Ella as soon as we got to the BBQ site. :-)
 Auntie 8 showed Milton and Ella vital squash skills.
Uncle William and his epic BBQ.  He moved his kitchen there practically and there was not going to be compromises!
 Our tattoo corner.
Stroller parking and nap corner.  Ella did not close her eyes at all though!
Georgina and I .  We have come a long way!
 I walked Tin Tin,  Uncle Kelvin's dog.
 Jessica loved him too.
 Ella couldn't get enough of the squash set.
 We had so much fun!

 Finally!  Group photo!
 We came up with these moves ourselves.  Impressive eh.
 At last Ella had a little nap when we were walking back to the car.

BBQ - part 1

We were joining Georgina and her family for a BBQ in Tai Tam.  The weather was fab and the walk to the site was very pleasant. 

Ella look at the camera!
 That's better.
 Jessica didn't want to be photographed.
 Three chairs!  They look like they were made specially for us.

make up

It's Saturday and we were doing make-up once again.

Ella's pink eyeshadow worried mommy, who thought she was ill.  :-)

in my favourite pj

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Korean BBQ

It was actually my second Korean BBQ experience.  Not that I remember about the first one though.
Yummy!  I loved everything!

field trip

Our class had a field trip to the temple in Repulse Bay.  Jessica was off sick so she got to join.  Like my Goddess of Mercy hand gesture?
 We had fun together looking at all the gods.
 We even had a picnic lunch before I had to go back to class.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Jacey's 2nd birthday

They were a bit unsure about each other.

We didn't need asking to take advantage of the bouncy castle.
 Oh yeah!
 Auntie Karen.
 I would love to have my own car one day.

We all wanted something from daddy at the same time of course.
 It's party time!
 Po Po!

 Happy Birthday Jacey!


playground time

I practiced my rollerblading skills.
 JM and Ella hung out.
 It was pretty windy!