Wednesday, 28 August 2013

dressing up fun

I love my saris!

dinner with Auntie B

A little pre-dinner bread at Auntie B's.  We had it with olive oil and balsamic.  We left so much crumbs on the floor!

Yummy dinner at Jasper's.  Thank you Auntie B!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

day 3

Waiting for my school bus. Happy!

I miss Hanna

The hairclip is given to me by Hanna, my friend from my old school.  She is now back to Canada. I miss her!

Monday, 19 August 2013

summer fun

We love the pool!

hong kong street snacks

We had to line up for our favourite snack "gai dan chai".  It was worth the wait though!



supergirl isabel

I made my own superhero costume too.


extra holiday

We got an extra day of holiday because of a typhoon.  We had lunch at Mango Tree.
The view was fab.
And we got to skate.  Another perfect day!

dinner date with my friends

We managed to meet up with our friends Alana and Natelie for dinner on theire way back to Shanghai.
 It would be nice if we could meet more often.
 We all loved icecream mochi.  It was the only quiet moment our mommies got.

school orientation

I am going to a big school this year.  I am so ready!
I got to try rock climbing, and I checked out my classroom and met my teacher.

hanging out with mommy

Mommy had to go get her nails done.  We waited patiently for her.  With an ipad and and movie of course.

lunch with daddy

Daddy had to go back to work and we met him for lunch.  We were happy.



goodbye england

We love travelling on the plane these days.
We all got very excited.
Eventually Ella fell asleep after a major meltdown.
At least she settled in her cot after that.
We just went to sleep without any drama.
Hello Hong Kong!  I was ell rested and full of beans again.

super-deep bath

Our last night in peacock house and mommy let us borrow her bath.  We had it super deep!

 Too bad we had to wash our face paint off.
 Can you spot me?

boat trip

A boat ride off Dawlish.
 We enjoyed the ride.  It was very warm and calm.
 Dawlish town.
 We enjoyed checking out the cliffs and rocks.
Meanwhile Jessica and I got busy taking pictures of each other.  It was a great trip!